Required Posting of Recalled or Unsafe Children's Product List

The Children's Product Safety Act (2000 PA 219) requires the department to maintain a comprehensive list of unsafe or recalled children's products (includes, but is not limited to, cribs, toddler beds, car seats, high chairs, booster chairs, bath seats, gates, carriers, strollers, walkers, infant swings, etc.).

In addition, this act prohibits child care providers from using a children's product that is unsafe or that has been recalled. It further requires child care providers to conspicuously post on the premises an updated copy of the list of recalled products provided by the department. A conspicuous place means a location where parents, staff and others can easily see it.

This comprehensive list is available on the last page of each edition of our Michigan Child Care Matters newsletter. Posting the list found in our newsletter will ensure that you are in compliance with the Children's Product Safety Act.