Statewide Text File of Child Care Facilities

The Child Care Centers and Family and Group Child Care Homes facility list is a list of all open child care facilities. The list is updated daily. It is available as a text file. You may download the file into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The text file is comma (,) delimited. For details on how to download, format and sort the list, see the instructions for downloading the text file into Microsoft Excel.

A record description is the key for defining the contents of each column in the file. It is helpful if you print it for easy reference to the column contents.

Click on the following link to download the statewide facility list of child care centers and family and group child care homes.

You may view a state map of counties showing the county names and county numbers.

Child Care Referrals

To obtain referrals for specific facilities in your area, go to Michigan Child Care Referral Database.


Instructions for Downloading the Text File into Microsoft Excel

Statewide Facility Search

State Map of Counties

Record Description