How to Make Payments for your CLIA Certificate

  • Payments can be made by mail to:
    CLIA Laboratory Program
    PO Box 3056
    Portland, OR 97208-3056

    Make check payable to “CLIA Laboratory Program” and write the CLIA number on the memo line.
  • Online payments can be made at
    It will be listed under:
  1. Type CLIA into the search box
  2. Click the blue ‘Continue’ button located in the CLIA Laboratory User Fees box
  3. Click the blue ‘Continue to the Form’ on the next screen to proceed.
  4. Complete the form as indicated and select continue. A confirmation number will be provided at the end of the transaction. Retain a printed copy of this number for your records
  • New CLIA Certificates are mailed out approximately two weeks before the current certificate expires. If new certificates are not received before your current certificate expires, contact our office for a validation letter.