Cosmetology Shop License Requirements

A cosmetology establishment is defined as the premises on which cosmetology or 1 or more of its services are rendered or offered to be rendered. Establishments are facilities equipped to perform cosmetology services and are either Full-Service or Limited Service establishments.

A full-service establishment offers all services that a cosmetologist is licensed to perform, however, electrolysis services must be performed by a licensed electrologist.

A limited-service establishment offers the service(s) the licensee is qualified to perform, such as a manicuring-only, electrology-only or esthetics-only shop. A licensed cosmetologist working in a limited licensed cosmetology establishment shall not perform cosmetology services for which the premises is not licensed.

New shops are inspected to ensure the facility meets sanitary and equipment standards.

  • all cosmetology services must be performed in a licensed establishment by licensed individuals.
  • an application for an establishment license must be filed for a new shop, a change in location, and/or change of ownership
  • all licensed shops must be enclosed by full partitions and doors from a dwelling or a school of cosmetology
  • all shops must possess a hot and cold water source within the shop
  • if the shop is a full service salon, it must have shampoo bowls to facilitate hair care
  • if the shop is limited, there should be a hand washing sink available to clean tools
  • a licensee-in-charge, and in the case of full-service salons, a cosmetologist-in-charge must be reasonably available during all hours of operation. Licensees in charge of a cosmetology establishment must possess at least one year of licensed work experience and be at least 18 years of age.
  • applications for a shop license must include a drawing or diagram indicating the premises to be licensed and the location of required equipment and facilities
  • applications for a location that has previously housed a shop must also provide a signed and dated document from a third party attesting that the new party has authority to be in the location.

A cosmetology establishment exacting a fee for the teaching of cosmetology or 1 or more services of cosmetology is considered a school of cosmetology and is required to comply with the requirements for a cosmetology school license.