Michigan Ethnic Commissions and Office for New Americans respond to hostility towards immigrants and other diverse communities

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November 16, 2016 - “As members of the Michigan Office for New Americans, the Hispanic/Latino Commission of Michigan, the Michigan Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission, and the Commission on Middle Eastern American Affairs, are calling for an end to the recent actions and rhetoric targeting immigrants and other diverse groups, especially our Muslim American and Mexican American children and adults.[1]

We are proud to call Michigan our home, and appreciate that the vast majority of Michiganders make our State a welcoming place for everyone. Together, we will work with the Michigan Department of Civil Rights and elected officials to ensure protection and inclusion for everyone in our communities.

We applaud Governor Snyder’s statement embracing our state’s diversity and calling for respect and tolerance.[2] In this spirit, we ask leaders in business, faith, government and community to stand with us to ensure a truly welcoming state.

We ask elected officials at the local, county, and state to commit to protecting our communities by advocating for and passing anti-discriminatory policies.

We ask our school leaders to teach, display and engage in conversations that promote multicultural understanding and ensure a safe learning environment for our children.

We ask our business leaders to support a pro-immigration climate and an inclusive culture that will expand Michigan’s ability to attract a diverse and talented workforce.

We ask faith leaders to encourage interfaith dialogue and collaboration among their membership to nurture compassion and understanding.

Michigan is a place that values the diversity of its residents, cultures and faith traditions. We ask that you join us in protecting these values.”

Bing Goei, Director
MI Office For New Americans

Noel Garcia, Chair
Hispanic Latino Commission

Felipe Lopez Sustaita, Executive Director
Hispanic Latino Commission

Jamie Hsu, Chair                                                               
Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission

Manal Saab, Chair
Commission on Middle Eastern American Affairs

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