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Amusements: Tips For A Successful Season

Temperatures are starting to rise and Michiganders are ready to enjoy elephant ears, games and of course, rides. As you begin preparing for the season, there are a couple of things we’d like to highlight to ensure a safe and successful reopening.


Accident Reporting

Owners/Operators must report accidents resulting in injury to any person and mechanical failures of devices to LARA within 24 hours via “telephone or other media of immediate communication” (R408.843). Owner/Operators should use the contact information listed below for the Ski/Amusement Division. Any fatalities or serious injuries must be reported immediately. This includes incidents “resulting from structural or mechanical failure of a ride, or in which it might appear that the construction, design or function of the ride is directly involved” (R408.843, (3)). Reporting immediately allows the Department to review and inspect the incident on site and further determine if the device involved can be released for operation. Visit the amusement website at for the complete Act and Rules.


New Equipment

When applying for a new device not previously operated in the state, the Owner/Operator must provide an engineer’s attestation. The attestation must state the device has been reviewed and meets the requirements of the Act, Rules and adopted code.  



It is now time to start scheduling inspections. If you have a device that was not inspected in the previous year and have a scheduled opening date, please contact the office to make arrangements to have the inspection completed.  If you have questions or concerns - or haven't even received your renewal - please do not hesitate to contact us. Staff is available to answer questions. Please email or call 517-582-5267.