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Barricading Devices in Schools

Barricade Devices In Schools

In recent years, the revision to the Construction of School Buildings PA 306 of 1937 allows for the use of barricade devices in schools.

Either paper or electronic project documents can be submitted for barricade projects. Electronic submissions may be made at: LARA ( You can review our LARA Accela FAQs for more detailed filing instructions.

Please remember if submitting paper, you will need to submit two sets of documents. The Bureau of Construction Codes will need the following information on the plans:

  • Location of each device with a label describing the room and capacity of the room.
  • Diagrams of the devices and contact information of the local fire department and law enforcement.

The plan review is approved is when the permit is secured, and the plan is inspected by the bureau’s building inspector assigned to the project.

The Barricade Device guideline for paper submission can be found on our website at: LARA - Plan Review. Just select “Barricade Device Guidelines” to review full guidelines.

Please remember that ALL staff must be trained on locking and unlocking the device AND the Administrative authority must keep on file a record verifying the training. We suggest keeping an up-to-date record of training on devices at each building’s main office.