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Building Plan Review Helpful Tips

Plan Review – Helpful Tips (Building)

  1. Square footage: Make sure that the square footage is calculated properly. This is how fees are assessed. If square footage is calculated incorrectly and proper payment is not received, plans will be put on hold.


  2. Make sure to provide all of the Geo report, and all loads and energy reports showing the use of ASHRAE 90.1.


  3. COMcheck: When performing COMcheck calculations, remember Michigan is under ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1-2013 NOT the 2015 IECC.
  4. Commercial projects: Make sure that the wind speeds are calculated properly. ALL commercial buildings must meet a minimum of 115 MPH.


  5. Premanufactured units:
    1. Make sure that the load entered in Accela matches the engineering calculations, construction documents or application. All of these sections must match to be approved.
    2. Each project needs a data plate, which is NOT the same as a label.
    3. EACH unit must have a State of Michigan label.


  6. Facility and Project Type
    1. For School, General or State-Owned Facility Types, ONLY use the following for Project Type:
      1. Addition
      2. New
      3. Alteration
      4. Repair
      5. Change of Use
    2. For Premanufactured Facility Type, ONLY use the following for Project Type:
      1. New
      2. Modification
    3. For Mobile Home Park Facility Type, ONLY use the following for Project Type:
      1. New
      2. Conversion
      3. Expansion
      4. Plans Change
      5. Renewal
      6. Alteration
      7. Reduction
    4. NEVER use “other” as a Project Type for any Facility Type.