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General Plan Review Helpful Tips

Plan Review – Helpful Tips

  1. Contact information: Ensure the correct email address is included and that account can be accessed by your design professional. This is the email address that corrections letters will be sent to if needed.


  2. Payment: Payment must be received for all applicable fees associated with your plan review submissions and resubmissions prior to any plans being reviewed.


  3. Signed and sealed: Ensure all pages are properly signed and sealed by a Michigan licensed design professional. A license verification is done before plans can be reviewed.
    1. The index sheet must be signed and sealed, NOT the cover sheet.
    2. If the index sheet is absent, all sheets need to be sealed.


  4. Include everything: All appropriate trade drawings (building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing)


  5. Flatten the drawings: There should be no layers to the drawings included in electronic submissions.


  6. Comments: There should be NO comments on the drawing, nor should there be any AutoCad comments.


  7. Orientation: All electronic submissions drawings should all be in landscape orientation.


  8. Drawing size: All drawings must be a typical size (example – 30x42 or 24x36). Drawing sizes must not include decimals.


  9. File format: PDF only


  10. File name: Electronic submission file names must not include periods.


  11. File size: If files are large, 100MB or larger, split the PDF into multiple smaller files. Large files take a VERY long time to render.


  12. Resubmittals: Make sure that all comments have been addressed. Including a response of “Will Comply” is not sufficient. Each violation must be corrected in the resubmitted drawings.