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Mechanical Plan Review Helpful Tips

Plan Review – Helpful Tips (Mechanical)

  1. Not Including a ventilation table.


  2. Make sure all mechanical piping is on the mechanical plan and not included on the plumbing plan instead. This would include piping such as condensate, gas, process piping, and refrigeration piping.


  3. Make sure ALL mechanical equipment is included on the plans, including roof top equipment.


  4. Guards: Roof top equipment must have guards.


  5. Proper documentation must be included when there are gas penetrations in foundations or sub surface bearing walls.


  6. Insulation: Make sure there is proper insulation between heated slabs and foundations, as well as under heated slabs.


  7. Commercial hood: Make sure the proper hood type is being used over commercial equipment.


  8. Listed and labeled: Make sure that plans only include equipment that has been properly listed and labeled for use. This documentation should be included with the plans.