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Permitting Requirements

A Spring Refresher On Permitting Requirements

By Jonathon Paradine, Chief of The Building and Permits Division


The construction season is upon us, which makes this a great time to review the requirements for permitting enforced by the State of Michigan Bureau of Construction Codes. 

Some key things to remember:


  • Check to see who has code authority for the project. Check the Bureau’s website for residential and commercial projects here and school projects here. Remember permits may be required for boiler, building, electrical, elevator, mechanical and plumbing.


  • Plan review should always be the first step in the process and will be required on all projects unless they meet the exceptions listed on the Bureau’s web page.


  • Fully complete permits. Any sections not completed could result in a delay in issuing your permit. The Bureau will require each applicant provide a description of the work in the scope section on the permits.


  • When you have been assigned a permit number, you may start the project and request inspections for the current project.


  • All permits must be in “issued” status before the inspector may conduct the inspection. Please be mindful of the licensing requirements for each discipline.


  • If a Certificate of Occupancy is required for the project, you must send the form, along with all the appropriate documents and payment to the Bureau.



Finally, and I cannot stress this enough, please stay in contact with the inspector assigned to your project. For a large phase project, a permit will be required for each phase. This applies to all disciplines.


How to Submit

Permits can be submitted expeditiously online at: Permits can also be submitted by mail. Please use this link to the FAQ section LARA Accela FAQs.

Please email the Building and Permits division with any questions at