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Clinical Process Guideline: ALTERED NUTRITIONAL STATUS

The Process Guideline for Altered Nutritional Status is an example of best clinical practice information to help facilities provide the best possible care throughout the year. Along with information in the Federal OBRA regulations, surveyors will use this Process Guideline to review how your facility is managing nutritional concerns. We encourage you to examine your process to prevent and manage altered resident nutrition and to consider the application of the information.

Altered Nutritional Status Memorandum (November 8, 2005)

Altered Nutritional Status Clinical Process

Documentation Checklist: Process Guideline for Altered Nutritional Status

Table 2: Body Mass Index

Table 3: Potential Predisposing Factors For Malnutrition In MDS-Version 2.0

Table 6: Medications That May Be Associated With Altered Nutritional Status