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These Guidelines have been developed pursuant to Public Act 437 of 2000, which addresses the use of bed rails in long term care facilities. The resident's safety must be considered at all times. Facilities may find the sample tools listed below useful in the implementation of certain components of the Guidelines for Bed Rail Use. Tools may be customized to suit the requirements of your facility.

Guidelines: Use of Bed Rails in Long Term Care Facilities  (Effective April 1, 2001)

Documentation: Implementation of Guidelines for Bed Rail Use  (Revised May 29, 2001)
This checklist form is designed to assist a facility in evaluating and documenting the process used to implement the Guidelines for Bed Rail Use. It is to be completed by facility staff when requested by the survey team and will be considered in determining whether an adverse event, or the potential for an adverse event, related to the use of bed rails can be attributed to a facility deficient practice. It may also be used by the facility for internal monitoring purposes related to the process used to implement these Guidelines. (Replaces Factors for Reviewing Bed Rail Usage dated March 28, 2001)

Guidelines for Use of Bed Rails Facility Checklist 

Nursing 5 Day Bed Rail Monitoring 

Equipment and Device Safety Log 

Sample - Resident Bed Rail Consent Form