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Facility Reported Incidents (FRI)

LTC - Facility Reported Incidents (FRI)

The Bureau has also issued guidance "LARA Facility Reported Incident Investigation Guide" to clarify what constitutes a thorough investigation.

Please note that during an investigation the provider must prevent further potential abuse while the investigation is in progress. 42 CFR 483.13(c)(3).


This 2-hour reporting form is intended for use when the MI-FRI application is unavailable.  If the nursing facility chooses to use this form to satisfy it's 2-hour reporting requirements (in accordance with CFR 483.12 (c)), they will not receive a confirmation of submission.  A print screen of the 2-hour submission can be done by the user prior to clicking the Submit button. The facility is still responsible for submitting the incident into the State of Michigan's MI-FRI system via MILogin as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours after the incident is discovered.  If the facility wants to receive an electronic confirmation and documentation of the submission, please use the MI-FRI application to submit the incident.  If an incident has already been submitted in MI-FRI, the facility should not resubmit it here.

To access the FRI 2-HOUR REPORTING FORM click here.


The MI-FRI application is the state online reporting system for federally certified long term care providers (nursing homes, county medical care facilities, and hospital long term care units) to submit Facility Reported Incidents.

For assistance with issues logging into MiLogin (forgot password, account locked) : MiLogin Help

If you encounter issues within the MI-FRI application call 888-324-2647 or email


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