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Licenses & Requirements

Personnel Agent

A personnel agent license is required of any employment agency or consulting agent operating a personnel agency in Michigan. Agents must successfully complete a written examination, be of good moral character and be at least 18 years of age.

Type A Personnel Agency

A Type A agency assists clients seeking employment or making basic career decisions, and puts a client in direct contact with employers, and receives a fee from the client for the services rendered.

Type B Personnel Agency

A Type B agency assists or consults with a client to make basic career decisions and receives a fee from the client for the services rendered. The services of a Type B agency include: resume preparation, clearinghouse, personality evaluation testing, letter writing services, providing lists of employers or executive counseling.

A Personnel Agency must have both an agency license and either a licensed employment agent or consulting agent before the agency can begin offering services. Each agency is required to provide a surety or cash bond, must demonstrate that the premises designated are acceptable for the personnel agency to conduct business from, and provide statements of good moral character of any officers/partners/members and shareholders owning 10% or more of the company. If any agency has more than one location, each location must apply for licensure along with having at least one licensed agent per location.

A Personnel Agency license cannot be transferred to another person or entity. If the ownership of structure of the agency changes, a new personnel agency license must be obtained. Agencies adding new partners, officers or stockholders should contact the department for further instructions.