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Stop utility fraud: Don't give out personal information


Media Contact: Matt Helms 517-284-8300
Customer Assistance: 800-292-9555

The Michigan Public Service Commission is urging Michiganders to be cautious about giving out personal information or information about your utility account after four of the agency's staff received misleading phone calls on their home or personal phones in recent weeks. 

One MPSC staff member received a phone call from a caller claiming to be from the State of Michigan and asked repeatedly for information about her gas bill. Another staff member received a call in which the caller implied he was from Consumers Energy Co.  and asked repeatedly for her account information. 

"Neither the State of Michigan nor energy utilities such as Consumers Energy or DTE Energy Co. make unsolicited phone calls or come to your door asking to see your utility bill or for your utility account number," said MPSC Chair Dan Scripps. "Utility customers should call the MPSC's Customer Assistance Division at 1-800-292-9555 if they receive high-pressure calls asking for personal utility account information, which can be used to switch utility service without permission." 

The MPSC wants business and residential customers to make informed decisions about choosing a natural gas provider and evaluating their current rates under Michigan's Gas Customer Choice program. The MPSC's consumer tip sheet has helpful information to assist customers in making their decisions. 

The MPSC's CompareMIGas website shows current rates offered by all alternative gas suppliers actively marketing or enrolling customers in Michigan, as well as the basic terms and conditions of offers. The site also has current MPSC-regulated gas cost recovery rates charged by the four natural gas utilities that offer natural gas choice in their service territories: DTE Gas Co., Consumers Energy Co., SEMCO Energy Gas Co. and Michigan Gas Utilities Corp. 

Business or residential customers considering purchasing natural gas through an alternative gas supplier should be sure to shop around. In addition to checking the CompareMIGas website?to compare rates, be sure to understand the terms and conditions before signing a contract, and always be mindful of who is supplying your natural gas and the rate you are paying. The MPSC encourages customers to regularly monitor their energy bills.? 


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