Michigan's Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

MDCH Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention ProgramMichigan’s Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP) helps provide education and outreach regarding lead hazards and the impact of lead poisoning. Prevention strategies are included in a state work plan for preventing childhood lead poisoning. Technical assistance is offered to health care professionals to support appropriate health services for children with lead poisoning and to local health departments who may provide some direct services. Additionally, this program receives and analyzes the lead testing results data from across the state for use in monitoring the extent to which children are still lead poisoned and to inform policy and practice relative to the continuing need to prevent lead poisoning and to intervene as early as possible when it is detected.

CLPPP also works closely with the Healthy Homes Section of MDHHS to improve the health and wellbeing of Michigan citizens. The Healthy Homes Section promotes safe and healthy home environments through comprehensive home-based intervention programs, lead certification and regulations, public education and outreach, and statewide partnerships. Learn more about Healthy Homes.

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