MTI Class Formats
As we adapt to changing circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, you can have it your way as a participant in MIOSHA's Training Institute (MTI).  MIOSHA has begun offering several of its MTI training seminars in one of the following four different learning formats to protect the safety and health of our customers and employees.
  Traditional Classroom Setting - Limited face-to-face instruction at a host site.  All our host sites have COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plans in place.
Online - Virtual, self-paced training.  This training format can be taken from the office, home, or remotely.
Virtual Instructor-Led - Virtual classroom with an in-person instructor.  This training format can be taken from the office, home, or remotely.
Hybrid/Blended - This course is offered either virtual or face-to-face. A participant wishing to take this course may elect only one of the two options. The virtual training option of this course can be taken from the office, home, or remotely. The other option of this training is face-to-face instruction.

These various training formats will provide an opportunity for anyone from anywhere in the state to safely participate in MTI's workplace safety and health training seminars.

It is the objective of MIOSHA to provide a safe environment for our employees and customers.
In order to safely facilitate the in-seat  training provided by our instructors and cosponsors, MTI participants must observe the following:
1. Wear a face covering when indoors.
2. Wash hands thoroughly before entering the classroom, or use hand sanitizer.
3. Sit 6 feet apart or at least two empty chairs between.
4. Do not attend class if experiencing any of the following symptoms that developed within the last two weeks:
  a. Fever
  b. Chills
  c. Persistent coughs
  d. Shortness of breath
  e. Muscle aches
  f. Headache
  g. Loss of taste or smell
  h. Sore Throat
  i. Runny Nose
  j. Nausea or vomiting
Additional precautionary requirements may be imposed by each host site. Please contact the cosponsor or refer to their website (if available) for more information. If you have any questions concerning the MTI Program and MIOSHA's COVID-19 precautionary requirements, please contact the CET Division at 517-284-7720 or visit the MIOSHA webpage.