Use the information in this table to build hazard awareness and prevent risk for similar occurrences in your workplace. This table shares preliminary details about many of the fatalities reported to the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration. These descriptions reflect information provided to MIOSHA at the initial report of the incident and are not the result of the official MIOSHA investigation.

2014 MIFACE Information


Fatality Number




Type of Injury


Location (City)



Operation Employee



An employee was working at a grain storage terminal loading a railroad car from atop when he fell through the hatch and into soybeans being loaded. The employee died of possible suffocation in the soybeans.

White Pigeon

2. 01/24/14 Refrigeration Technician

An employee was using a ladder to access the top of a building for purposes of repairing a condensing unit when he apparently fell from the ladder.

Grand Rapids
3. 01/29/14 Truck Driver
Crush An employee entered company yard at 1:36 am to pick up a trailer. He was found at 4:45 am pinned between two trailers. It appeared that the employee was rolling up the dollies on the trailer and the truck rolled back crushing the employee between the trailer he was picking up and a trailer setting next to the one he was picking up. Detroit
4. 02/12/14 Roofer
Fall The company was re-roofing a home and the employee fell approximately 30 feet to the ground. He was taken to the hospital and later passed away from his injuries. Farmington Hills
5. 02/11/14 Direct Care Worker
Blunt Traumatic Head Injury A 71 year old direct care worker in a group home was slapped in the face by a resident and she fell back onto a bed. On February 9, 2014 she was found unconscious and was taken to the hospital.  On February 11, 2014 she passed away, the death certificate lists the cause of death as blunt traumatic head injury. Macomb
6. 03/04/14 Rider & Floor Tech

A rider and floor tech was in the back of a box truck providing guidance to the driver who was backing up to a semi-trailer they were going to transfer materials to.  When the driver stopped and walked to the back of the box truck he observed the deceased pinned between the box truck and the semi-trailer.

7. 03/05/14 Material Handler
Caught Between / Struck By
The material handler went to the rear of the machine to adjust a cardboard catch tray as instructed by operator/supervisor who was located at the front of the plastic injection mold machine. The material handler opened the rear door which had the interlock defeated with a shop towel. The material handler leaned in to access the catch tray. The operator/supervisor at the front of the machine closed the operator door which cycled the machine.  The material handler was caught between and crushed by the closing of the mold.
Shelby Township
8. 03/06/14 Farm Hand
Mauled The farm hand was moving approximately 60 cows from a pen where they eat and drink during the day to a barn for milking.  A bull that was allowed to routinely mix with the cows, attacked and mauled the farm hand, resulting in their death. Hastings
9. 03/17/14 Tire Repair Technician
Crush The tire repair technician responded to an after-hours repair of a semi-truck tire and was crushed when the technician released a bottle jack that was holding up the cab.   Grand Rapids
10. 04/04/14 Crane Operator
Struck By A crane was lifting a section of duct. The crane began to tip forward and its counterweights dislodged and struck the 36 year old operator. Ecorse
11. 04/16/14 Laborer

A laborer was disassembling and removing equipment from a grain elevator when he fell 60 feet from a catwalk.

12. 05/10/14 Sanitation Worker
Caught Between The sanitation worker was cleaning pieces of conveying equipment where the conveyor belt had been removed.  The sanitation worker's gloved right hand was caught in a plastic drive gear causing him to become entangled in the equipment. The sanitation worker was found approximately 45 minutes later entangled in the equipment.  Zeeland
13. 05/04/14 General Laborer
Caught Between A 29 year old employee was working on a metal shaft that was in a lathe, the employee's shirt became entangled when he walked around the end of the lathe close to the shaft being worked on. EMS was called and the employee was transferred to the hospital where he died on May 4, 2014 from the injuries sustained on April 21, 2014. MIOSHA was informed of this fatality on May 28, 2014. Clare
14. 06/02/14 Warehouse Employee
Struck By A 31 year old warehouse employee was loading steel pipes on to a trailer using an overhead crane. During the loading process, the load may have shifted striking the worker. Saginaw
15. 06/13/14 Owner
Struck By A 46 year old employee was killed when a section of a tree he was cutting fell and struck him in the head. The tree being cut had a rotted center and split into several pieces upon hitting other trees during its fall. Whitehall
16 06/16/14 Overhead Lineman
Electrocution A 54 year old overhead lineman received an electric shock while replacing a pole top transformer. The employee passed away on June 16th due to injuries sustained from the electric shock on June 14th.       Carleton
17. 06/23/14 Barn Maintenance
Struck By A 44 year old barn maintenance employee was working on a tine rake tire, trying to seat the tire by using a hammer.  The tire exploded causing the rim and tire to be propelled into the employee's chest. Deford
18. 06/27/14 Die Setter/Tech
Crushed A 34 year old die setter was crushed when an operator of a horizontal plastic injection mold press started the machine without knowing that the die setter was inside the machine.  The machine was set to automatically cycle when started. Grand Rapids
19. 07/01/14 Owner
Electrocution A 73 year old employee/owner of an electrical contracting company was on a 6 foot ladder performing electrical work at a nursing home when he contacted electrical power lines causing him to fall and suffer rib and chest trauma in addition to electrical injuries.  The employee/owner passed away from his injuries at 4:43 a.m. on July 1, 2014. Redford
20. 07/21/14 Farm Worker
Crushed A 46 year old employee, the operator of the bull dozer, was standing on top of the front blade with another employee standing on the fender. The two were attempting to hang tarps on the side of a barn when the dozer moved ahead causing the deceased to lose his balance and fall to the ground where he was run over. Alma
21. 08/25/14 Shot Blast Operator
Crushed A 60 year old shot blast operator was operating a shot blast machine with fabricated metal guards placed around the front of the machine. The guards were there because they were running a part in the shot blaster that was so large the doors could not be closed. These guards weighed approximately 632 pounds each and there were a total of two guards. The operator had climbed underneath the guards and bumped them causing the guards to fall onto the employee crushing him. Jackson
22. 07/19/14 Owner
Electrocution A 55 year old employee/owner was in the process of cleaning a frozen custard machine (the back panel of the machine had been removed) when he was electrocuted.             St. Clair Shores
23. 09/03/14 Truck Driver
Electrocution A 51 year old truck driver hit a power line with a trailer when his boom went up. It burnt up the trailer and caused the fatality. They are investigating the incident. Clinton Township
24. 09/05/14 Ramper
Struck By A 24 year old ramper was loading and unloading baggage from an aircraft when he was struck by a belt loader vehicle that pinned him against the aircraft. Detroit
25. 09/08/14 Assistant District Foreman
Crushed A 42 year old assistant district foreman was working on a road construction project when he was run over by a piece of construction equipment. Caledonia
26. 10/20/14 Bartender
Carbon Dioxide Exposure

A 48 year old bartender went into the basement after closing the bar where she was allegedly overcome by leaking carbon dioxide. She was found unresponsive at 7:00 a.m. EMS was called and she was taken to the hospital where she died on October 20th.

Northville Township
27. 10/07/14 Owner
Fall A 61 year old employee/owner was in a lift device between two trees and made contact with a branch and got stuck. The branch let loose and shook the boom throwing him from the bucket approximately 45-50 feet to the ground. Port Austin
28. 10/23/14 Farmer

A 33 year old farmer was crushed by a combine while trying to dislodge a stone.

29. 10/24/14 Foreman
Struck By A 47 year old foreman was flagging traffic for a tree-trimming operation when a vehicle entered the work zone and struck the foreman. He died of his injuries on October 24th. Wyoming
30. 10/29/14 Owner
Crushed A 59 year old employee/owner was performing work in an excavation, approximately 18-feet deep, and was crushed when the sides caved in.
MIFACE Investigation Report
Grosse Pointe Woods
31. 11/01/14 Truck Driver
Crushed A 54 year old truck driver was standing on the passenger side of a semi-tractor between the cab and the rear double set of tires at the back of the tractor.  When the other truck driver pulled the tractor forward, he did not see the deceased and accidently ran over him.   Coopersville
32. 11/04/14 Assembler
Struck By A prototype fuel tank was being pressure tested.  It failed the pressure test and exploded. A 34 year old assembler was killed and two other company employees were injured and hospitalized. A customer was also injured and hospitalized. Lapeer
33. 11/17/14 Truck Driver
Caught Between / Struck By A 52 year old sugar beet truck driver was found lying in the field. It appears he was struck-by or caught-between equipment during loading operations.   Deckerville
34. 10/14/14 Laborer
Fall The 37 year old laborer was assisting a coworker to install a chimney liner at a private residence.  The coworker left the laborer who was on an extension ladder to go to the basement and receive the liner as it was inserted.  Upon hearing a loud noise the coworker left the basement to investigate and found the laborer lying on the ground.  He was transported to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries on October 28th.  This incident was reported by a family member on November 21st. Detroit
35. 10/15/14


Drowned A 48 year old supervisor was operating a boat with two other employees, heading back after taking down camp sites.  Waves hit the boat and began filling it sending all three of the employees into the water.  All of the employees had life jackets on, two of them made it to shore, the supervisor did not. Mountain Lake
36. 12/04/14 Engineering Technician
Struck By A 21 year old engineering technician was struck by a motorist while performing work in the roadway. Bad Axe
37. 12/10/14 Roofer
Fall A 51 year old roofer was installing insulation on the roof of a newly constructed pole barn when he fell approximately 20 feet to the concrete floor below. Lupton

There were 28 MIOSHA-related deaths in 2013. 2009 saw the lowest number with 24. 

If you need help or assistance in ensuring your workplace is safe, MIOSHA is here with resources to help.  The Consultation Education & Training (CET) Division provides workplace safety and health training and consultations to employers and employees throughout Michigan free of charge.  Contact CET today at (800) 866-4674 or submit a request online at

Every life is precious.  Our mutual goal must be that every employee goes home at the end of their shift every day!