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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Work Share Program

  • Michigan’s Work Share program allows employers to restart their business and bring employees back from unemployment. Employers can bring employees back with reduced hours - while employees collect partial unemployment benefits to make up a portion of the lost wages. Employers can also retain their current workforce and are given the flexibility to choose which of their employees are part of a Work Share plan.

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COVID-19 Work Share Program Requirements

  • Work Share Under Executive Order 2020-57

    As a result of Governor Whitmer's Executive Order 2020-57, Michigan's Work Share program eligibility requirements have been expanded.

    • If business demand is down, employers participating in workshare can preserve their workforce while reducing hours and wages by 10 - 60%.
    • Waived the length of time requirement that employers must be in business.
    • Waived the requirement that employers have a current or positive balance with UIA.

    Work Share Requirements:‚Äč

    • Employers are given flexibility to organize which employees are in a Work Share plan.
    • A plan must include a minimum of two employees and an employer can have multiple plans.
    • Plans may be approved for a period of up to 52 consecutive weeks.
    • Employee hours/wages may be reduced by a minimum of 10% up to a maximum 60%.
    • Part-time employees are eligible, but Work Share does not apply to seasonal, temporary, or intermittent employment.
    • Employer must obtain approval of any applicable collective bargaining unit representative.
    • Employers participating in Work Share cannot modify employees fringe benefits.

    Under the Federal CARES Act:

    • Employees that receive a percent of Michigan unemployment benefits (including Work Share) also receive an additional $600 federal payment in Pandemic Unemployment Assistance through the CARES Act through July 2020.

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