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  • Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration
    MIOSHA logo The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration strives to work collaboratively with employers and employees to better prevent workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. MIOSHA health and safety activities include: setting and enforcing occupational safety and health standards; providing extensive safety and health training and education; and working with partners to develop innovative programs to prevent workplace hazards. All agency activities focus on meeting the MIOSHA mission to help protect the safety and health of Michigan workers.
  • Customer Feedback: "We asked MIOSHA in to visit our workplace and it has been a very valuable experience. We cannot thank Eric Zaban enough for all of his hard work. We are now up to date and have updated and implemented safety and health programs. We feel confident in what we are doing to keep everyone safe and healthy." ~ Jane Paxton, Paxton Countertops