Regulatory Services Section

Contact: Regulatory Services Section 517-284-7740


The responsibilities of the MIOSHA Regulatory Services Section include:

  • Coordination of the promulgation of Michigan occupational safety and health standards through the appointment of advisory committees to assist with the development of standards, providing access to MIOSHA standards electronically and through distribution of single copies and sets of paper standards, and maintaining a collection for viewing of the national reference standards that are referenced in MIOSHA standards. 
  • Consultation Education and Training (CET) Grants to supplement staff activities by providing competitive grants to nonprofit organizations to provide training and education in emerging safety and health issues, to address particularly dangerous occupations, and to extend MIOSHA’s impact through “train-the-trainer” projects, and to provide training and outreach too difficult to reach target groups.
  • Responding to Michigan Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.
  • Developing/facilitating the MIOSHA Leadership Institute (MLI), which is an internal agency training program designed to strengthen the skill set of current supervisory staff, as well as develop emerging leaders.