Annual Fatality Information

Use the information in this table to build hazard awareness and prevent risk for similar occurrences in your workplace. This table shares preliminary details about many of the fatalities reported to the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration. These descriptions reflect information provided to MIOSHA at the initial report of the incident and are not the result of the official MIOSHA investigation.

When available, MIFACE Summaries of MIOSHA Inspections will be included at the end of the description.

Fatality Number




Type of Injury


Location (City)

1. 01/09/19 General Labor 22 Fall (from elevation) A 22-year-old general laborer working for a Christmas decorating company fell off a ladder removing Christmas decorations at a private home. He was removed from life support and passed on January 9, 2019. MIFACE Inspection Summary Saline
2. 02/04/19 Maintenance Supervisor 26 Struck by The 26-year-old maintenance supervisor was using a tire changing hand tool to replace a highway truck and trailer tire when the tire exploded. He sustained severe trauma to his face and head. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Clare
3. 02/09/19 Technician 54 Fall (from elevation) A 54-year-old technician was receiving training while working adjacent to a large chemical tank. The technician fell into the tank. He was removed from the tank with the assistance of a co-worker and transported for treatment. He later died as a result of his injuries. South Lyon
4. 02/08/19 Truck Operator 34 Struck by A 34-year-old truck operator was crushed by his vehicle at a landfill. The truck operator's vehicle experienced mechanical problems and was being moved by an operator of heavy equipment. At some point, the truck operator got out of his vehicle to access his mechanical breakdown. The operator of the heavy equipment continued to move the vehicle and the truck operator was subsequently crushed under his vehicle. New Boston
5. 02/25/19 Car Wash Worker 45 Struck by Two car wash workers were struck by a customer vehicle pulling off of the car wash line. Both workers were taken to a hospital where the 45-year-old car wash worker was pronounced dead. The other worker’s injuries are considered minor and he is expected to survive. Troy
6. 03/08/19 Service Technician 30 Struck by The employer was performing maintenance/inspection at a job site which had two cranes, one small crane and a larger crane above it. A 30-year-old service technician was working on the smaller crane that was locked out.  He was struck on the back of the head by the larger crane. Clarkston
7. 03/21/19 Mechanic 56 Struck by A 56-year-old mechanic was working on a log trailer in a shop. He was underneath the vehicle when an air bag exploded with force, causing a head injury. Sagola
8. 05/23/19 General Laborer 19 Electrocution A 19-year-old general laborer was moving/guiding a metal truss, which came into contact with an energized overhead power line during the building of a hoop barn. Cassopolis
9. 05/31/19 Journeyman Electrician 53 Shock Employees were performing construction activities in an existing substation. A 53-year-old journeyman electrician was working in an uninsulated aerial work platform removing insulated grounding jumper cables when he was electrocuted. Niles
10. 06/18/19 Electrician 19 Shock A 19-year-old electrician was working with a 277-volt system in a drop ceiling. He was standing on a fiberglass ladder and had both of his hands above a ceiling tile while leaning his chest on the metal ceiling tile trim dividers. Witnesses believe that he touched a live wire while he was leaning on the metal trim dividers of the ceiling grid and was electrocuted. Port Huron
11. 06/28/19 General Laborer 23 Shock A 23-year-old general laborer was working on an aerial work platform converting overhead florescent light fixtures into overhead LED fixtures. Attempts were made to contact him but were unsuccessful. The aerial work platform was lowered where the general laborer was found unresponsive and emergency services were called. It appears he was electrocuted. Grand Rapids
12. 07/02/19 Repair Mechanic 55 Struck by A 55-year-old repair mechanic was performing maintenance and cleaning on duct work on the roof of the facility. He was in the process of cleaning sand and fine metal particles out of the duct work. While walking underneath a section of the duct work, it collapsed and fell down crushing the repair mechanic. Kingsford
13. 05/31/19 General Laborer 20 Fall A 20-year-old general laborer slipped/tripped either on a dock or rowboat, striking his head and fell into the pond, resulting in the victim drowning. Suttons Bay
14. 05/24/19 Route Driver 48 Struck by A 48-year-old route driver was in a parking lot adjacent to one of his designated delivery stops. He was struck by an unknown automobile that left the scene. Troy
15. 08/17/19 Drywaller/Laborer 51 Fall (from elevation) A 51-year-old drywaller/laborer fell off a balcony while hanging drywall. Traverse City
16. 08/24/19 Roofer 52 Fall (from elevation) A 52-year-old roofer fell from a two-story house while performing tear-off activities on the roof. Detroit
17. 08/30/19 Furnace and Loader Operator 64 Struck by A 64-year-old furnace and loader operator was walking in close quarters to where a front-end loader was operating. He was struck and dragged by the box on the front-end loader before being ran over. He was pronounced dead at the scene.    Coldwater
18. 07/19/19 Painter 46 Fall (from elevation) On July 13th, a 46-year-old painter was performing work on a ladder and fell approximately 30 feet to the ground. The painter was transported to a local hospital where he later passed away from his injuries on July 19, 2019. Cheboygan
19. and 20. 09/09/19 Laborers 53 and 30 Struck by A 53-year-old laborer and a 30-year-old laborer were attempting to move slabs of granite with an overhead crane. As the granite slabs were lifted off of the A-frame rack, the slabs on the opposite side of the rack fell over creating a domino effect causing multiple granite slabs to fall onto the laborers. Sterling Heights
21. 05/24/19 Farmer 43 Inhalation A 43-year-old farmer entered a 1,500-gallon bulk tank used to hold raw milk to clean it. He was found unresponsive inside the tank about 20 minutes later.  Dundee
22. 06/27/19 Owner 59 Struck by A 59-year-old owner was dumping construction debris at the landfill when the hydraulics of the trailer failed. He was crushed while trying to fix the hydraulics. Midland
23. 09/12/19 Laborer 38 Caught in or between A 38-year-old laborer was caught in an excavation cave-in during sanitary pipe installation. Imlay City
24. 09/11/19 Temporary Helper 68 Struck by A 68-year-old temporary helper was shaker boarding for the employer near the side of a busy roadway. He was struck by a swerving motor vehicle. Detroit
25. 09/18/19 Commissary Production Worker 52 Fall (same level) On Sept. 11, a 52-year-old commissary production worker was walking in the food production area when he slipped and fell backwards, hitting his head on the cement floor; he was hospitalized. On Sept. 18, he passed away. Lansing
26. 09/30/19 Operator 54 Struck by On Sept. 24th, a 54-year-old operator was struck by a vehicle when working at night in a freeway construction zone. The victim passed away from his injuries on Sept. 30th. Portland

There were 38 MIOSHA-related deaths in 2018. 2009 saw the lowest number with 24. 

If you need help or assistance in ensuring your workplace is safe, MIOSHA is here with resources to help.  The Consultation Education and Training (CET) Division provides workplace safety and health training and consultations to employers and employees throughout Michigan free of charge.  Contact CET today at 800-866-4674 or submit a request online at

Every life is precious.  Our mutual goal must be that every employee goes home at the end of their shift every day!

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