CT Rules Now Effective (posted 6/9/2011)

On June 8, 2011, new administrative rules governing the use of computed tomography (CT) were filed with the Office of the Great Seal and became effective immediately. Part 15 - Computed Tomography Installations of the Ionizing Radiation Rules includes provisions for CT personnel, CT equipment, CT quality control, and CT medical event reporting.

The following documents are available on our website:


The Radiation Safety Section will contact each CT facility to arrange an inspection. Once the appointment is made, a confirming fax will be sent to the facility. This fax will include two forms. The first form requests information needed to make dose measurements during the inspection and should be made available for the inspection. The second form is a survey form that facilities should complete and return prior to the inspection. If there are questions about these inspections or about the new rules, please contact this office at rssinfo@michigan.gov or 517-284-7820.

The following are links to the two forms:

CT Medical Event Reporting

As defined under Rule 325.5703(c), a CT medical event is an unintended event where a physician determines that actual damage has occurred to an organ or a physiological system of an individual due to or suspected to be due to exposure to diagnostic radiation from a CT scanner.

Rule 325.5715 includes provisions for reporting CT medical events. Under this rule, a CT medical event must be reported to the Radiation Safety Section within 15 days of discovery. This rule also requires that the registrant notify the referring physician and the individual who is the subject of the event no later than 1 week after the discovery. To assist registrants, a guideline was developed for reporting CT medical events.

The following is a link to the reporting guideline:

Review of Medical Physicist Qualifications

Upon request, the Radiation Safety Section will review credentials of any medical physicist to determine if he or she meets the initial requirements specified under Rule 325.5707(a). This is a voluntary service. If it is determined the medical physicist meets the initial requirements, a letter will be issued which can be used to demonstrate compliance with the initial requirements. Medical physicists who elect not to participate in this voluntary service will need to provide each facility they survey copies of their credentials.

Medical physicists who are board certified as specified in Rule 325.5707 only need to provide a copy of their board certification and may not want to participate in the Section's voluntary approval process. Each medical physicist will still need to provide each facility they survey evidence that they meet the continuing experience and continuing education requirements specified under Rule 325.5707(c) and (d).

The following is a link to the medical physicist approval form: