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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Career Assessment Services

MCTI offers a program called career assessment to give incoming students a realistic picture of how they will perform in a particular training program.


Career assessment helps individuals become acquainted with the basic skills required to be successful in the various training programs. Enrollees have the opportunity to compare their vocational strengths and weaknesses with the suggested requirements. The assessment also helps to determine which skills need to be developed before entering a training program.


Career assessment is for those who:

  • Express an interest in a training program, but may question their ability to succeed
  • Express an interest in technical training, but have not identified a specific training area
  • Need the opportunity to demonstrate what they can and can not do
  • Have academic, remedial, or learning difficulties and need accommodations to support their training success


Assessment Team


A trained evaluator works closely with each enrollee in a simulated training environment. The evaluator helps the individual by providing information, reviewing results, and discussing training/career options. Assisting the evaluator in the process are professionals in the following areas: academic and remedial education, vocational instruction, accommodations, social work interpreting and recreation.

 Student and a counselor image

Results of Career Assessment


At the conclusion of the program, the Career Assessment Services staff will document an enrollee's abilities. This documentation will:

  • Help the enrollee and his/her referring counselor develop a training/career plan
  • Indicate the type of remedial and/or supportive services necessary for the enrollee's success
  • Provide an enrollment date for those ready to enter a training program

Services Provided

  • Interest Inventories
  • Work sampling
  • MOIS/GATB (vocational explorations)
  • VAL PAR-MESA Assessment System
  • Reading/math psychometric testing
  • GED testing
  • Rehabilitation consultations
  • Situational assessment of personal/work behaviors
  • Vocational counseling
  • Work Keys Testing
  • Dexterity testing
  • Disability awareness
  • Other support services
    • Psychological consultation
    • Social work history
    • Medical consultation
    • Attendant care
    • Dorm/leisure counseling
    • Remedial diagnostic consultation
    • Recreational activities
    • Accommodation services
    • Personal Counseling