Michigan State Historic Preservation Review Board Meeting Minutes, November 1, 2013

Minutes of The

State Historic Preservation Review Board Meeting

November 1, 2013, 10:00 A.M.
Fourth Floor Boardroom, Michigan State Housing Development Authority
735 East Michigan Avenue, Lansing, Michigan

Board Members Present
Janese Chapman, Lynn Evans, Dale Gyure, Richard Harms, Misty Jackson, Jennifer Radcliff, Ron Staley

Board Members Absent
Ted Ligibel, Elisabeth Knibbe

Staff Members Present
Bob Christensen, Martha MacFarlane-Faes, Amy Arnold, Laura Ashlee, Scott Grammer, Katie Kolokithas, Bethany Berdes, Dean Anderson, Todd Walsh, Ted Grevstad-Nordbrock, Mollie Olinyk

Members of the Public Present
Dan Schneider, Rebecca Smith-Hoffman, Jack O'Reilly

Harms called the meeting to order at 10:00 a. m.

Approval of Agenda
Chapman moved approval of agenda as modified.
Staley supported the motion.
Vote: 7-0

Approval of Minutes
Gyure moved approval of the minutes, as revised.
Evans supported the motion.
Vote: 7-0

Staff Reports

  • Martha MacFarlane-Faes, Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer
    • Stefanie Bozinaski is our newest student assistant.  She is helping with ER and Tax Credit Applications.
    • Jessica Puff and Katie Kolokithas will be leaving us at the end of December
    • New publications are the Michigan Modern “Save the Date” for the GRAM June 2014.
    • Stakeholder 5 year plan meeting on December 5, 2014 from 1-4pm at the Christman Building.
    • CLG grant applications are due December 1, 2013 and the Lighthouse Grants deadline is December 16, 2013.  Typically announcements are made in the Spring.
    • Larson is promoting the National Main Street Communities for funding for 3 downtown NR nominations which are Owosso, Alma and Escanaba.
    • The Michigan Modern Exhibition will move to Grand Rapids to open in May of 2014.  It will focus on West Michigan design at the Grand Rapids Art Museum and Kendall College of Art and Design.
    • The National Mainstreet Conference will be in Detroit in May 2014.
    • SHPO is working on training capacity.  We have Section 106 and NPA training in October 2013.  NPI was the training entity. 
    • MacFarlane-Faes has been going through the LEAN training.
    • The Sense of Place Council has modules for training at the 100-300 levels.  It is rolled out to State employees and is now going out to local communities.  Please look at misplace.org to get more information.
    • Gary Heidel has been appointed the Chief Placemaking officer for MSHDA.
    • ULI Real Estate forum is November 20-21, 2013 in Lansing.
    • DDA legislation is moving forward possibly next week that would strengthen the SHPO role and responsibility.
  • Dean Anderson, State Archaeologist
    • There is a new Archaeology brochure.  Amanda Tuckey did the layout and design.  It has links to other sources of information and a timeline.
    • There will an archaeology component again in 2014 at the MHPN conference which takes place in Jackson from May 15-17, 2014
    • Archaeology Day was Saturday, October 12, 2013.  Evans and Jackson participated.  We had about 625 attendees this year.  The only other event at the MHLC that had bigger attendance numbers was the Civil War reenactment.
    • Tchorzynski, Yann and Anderson attended the Midwest Archaeological Conference in Columbus, OH.

National Register Nominations
Site: Central Furniture Company - H. E. Shaw Furniture Company Factory, Grand Rapids, Kent County
Presented by:  Rebecca Smith Hoffman
Moved for Approval: Radcliff
Seconded: Staley
Vote: 7-0
Criteria: A and C 
Level of Significance: Local

Site: Dearborn City Hall Complex, Dearborn, Wayne County
Presented by: Daniel Schneider/the Honorable Jack O'Reilly, Mayor, City of Dearborn
Moved for Approval: Evans, with the addition of a paragraph regarding the Arab movement under the summary paragraph.
Seconded: Staley
Vote:  7-0
Criteria: A and C
Level of Significance: Local

Chapman thinks that the migration of the Arab community into Dearborn happened during the period of significance, and that this should be added to the history section of the nomination.

Historic District Study Committee Reports - Amy Arnold

Appeals/Annual Resolution - Scott Grammer

Eric A. Offerdahl v. Grand Rapids Historic Preservation Commission

Evans moved to accept and adopt the Proposal for Decision.
Chapman supported the motion.
Vote: 7-0

Kelly Foster passed the Michigan State Bar exam, and should be admitted on November 12, 2013.

Dates of Next Meeting
January 17, 2014; May 9, 2014 (proposed); September 19, 2014 (proposed)

Staley moved adjournment
Gyure supported the motion
Vote 7-0
Meeting adjourned at 11:03pm

Prepared by Bethany Berdes