Michigan State Historic Preservation Review Board Meeting Minutes, January 17, 2014

Minutes of The

State Historic Preservation Review Board Meeting

January 17, 2014, 10:00 A.M.
Fourth Floor Boardroom, Michigan State Housing Development Authority
735 East Michigan Avenue, Lansing, Michigan

Harms called the meeting to order at 10:00 a. m.

Board Members Present
Lynn Evans, Dale Gyure, Richard Harms, Misty Jackson, Elisabeth Knibbe, Ted Ligibel, Jennifer Radcliff

Board Members Absent
Janese Chapman, Ron Staley

Staff Members Present
Bob Christensen, Brian Conway, Martha MacFarlane-Faes, Amy Arnold, Laura Ashlee, Scott Grammer, Bethany Berdes, Dean Anderson, Mollie Olinyk, Kelly Foster, Jessica Puff, Stefanie Bozinoski, Ginny Schomisch, Diane Tuinstra, Todd Walsh

Members of the Public Present
Pam O’Connor, Denise Pike, Gretchen Cochran, Cassandra Nelson,Tim Hunnicutt, Penny Zegan, Josh Adams, Chris K. Embs

Approval of Agenda
Radcliff moved approval of agenda.
Gyure supported the motion.
Vote: 5-0

Ligibel arrived at 10:02 a. m.

Election of Vice-Chairperson
Harms as nominating committee nominated Evans as Vice-Chairperson of the State Historic Preservation Review Board.
Jackson moved the election of Evans as Vice-Chairperson and Radcliff seconded the motion.
Vote: 6-0

Knibbe arrived at 10:04 a. m.

Approval of Minutes
Evans moved approval of the minutes, as amended.
Gyure supported the motion.
Vote: 7-0

Staff Reports

  • Brian Conway, State Historic Preservation Officer
    • The SHPO is still waiting for appointments from the Governor’s Office for the new Review Board Members but the Executive Order states that Review Board Members serve until reappointed or replaced.
    • Olinyk will be leaving for maternity leave and will return in April. Other staff will be doing her work while she is gone.
    • Walsh has been reassigned to work half-time with Christensen in the National Register Program.
    • Flores is now the Certified Local Government Coordinator replacing Amy Arnold and is working directly with communities.
    • Grammer continues as the legal representative for the SHPO but he has moved into the main MSHDA building.
    • We are concluding our new five-year State Historic Preservation Plan required by the National Patk Service and it should be submitted before the next meeting. We had five visioning meetings to seek public input and comments. We had an additional facilitated meeting with stakeholders and will hold a meeting with staff for additional input sometime in February.
    • A second Michigan Modern Exhibition will open in Grand Rapids in May of 2014. It will focus on West Michigan design. SHPO partners are the Grand Rapids Art Museum and Kendall College of Art and Design
    • The National Trust’s recent magazine had Modernism as its focus.
    • The SHPO’s GIS conversion project continues. We are working with the Department of Technology and Management & Budget and have been assigned a project manager.
    • MacFarlane-Faes went through the state’s LEAN (making government operations more efficient) training and has revised our easement program. The training will lead to revising the section 106 proecess as well.
    • The SHPO has received eleven CLG grant applications and ten MLAP grant applications.
  • Dean Anderson, State Archaeologist
    • Forthcoming Fayette projects will include replacing the floating dock and installing utility lines.  Archaeological survey will be done to ensure these projects do not disturb archaeological deposits.
    • Sanilac – We are collaborating with the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe on interpretive signage.
    • We have two new volunteers from CMU; they will be working with archaeological collections.
    • We are working with the state museum on a summer camp archaeology program for kids.
    • Last November the National Review Committee for NAGPRA held its annual meeting in Michigan.  This was the first time the meeting was held on tribal land.
    • There will again be an archaeology component at the annual MHPN conference which takes place in Jackson, May 15-17, 2014.

Proposed Governor's Awards Candidates - Laura Ashlee

  • Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget, and Cornerstone Architects for the Rehabilitation of the Lake Michigan Beach House, Ludington State Park
  • Dr. John Hand and the late Nancy Hand for Stewardship of the Frederick Kennedy Jr. Farm, Hanover Township, and the Hugh Richard House, Jackson
  • Michigan State Trust for Railway Preservation, Inc., for the Restoration of Pere Marquette Railway Steam Locomotive No. 1225, Owosso
  • Lafayette Place Lofts, LLC, West Construction Services, and TDG Architects for the Rehabilitation of the H. V. Mutter Building, Pontiac
  • Wayne State University, Quinn Evans Architects, and McCarthy & Smith Inc. for the Restoration of the McGregor Memorial Conference Center Pond & Sculpture Garden, Detroit

National Register Nominations

Site:  Owosso Downtown Historic District, Owosso, Shiawassee County
Presented by:  Robert Christensen
Moved for Approval:  Knibbe
Seconded:  Evans
Vote:  7-0
Criteria:  A and C, with exception A
Level of Significance: Local

Site:  Sparks-Anderson House, Oshtemo Township, Kalamazoo County
Presented by:  Pamela O’Connor
Moved for Approval: Ligibel
Seconded:  Gyure
Vote:  7-0
Criteria:  A and C
Level of Significance:  Local

Site:  Genesee Street School, Lansing, Ingham County
Presented by:  Cassandra Nelson
Moved for Approval: Radcliff
Seconded:  Knibbe
Vote:  7-0
Criteria:  A and C
Level of Significance:  Local

Site:  Frank and Dorothy (Feinauer) Ward House, Battle Creek, Calhoun County
Presented by:  Jessica Puff
Moved for Approval: Ligibel
Seconded:  Knibbe
Vote:  7-0
Criteria:  A and C
Level of Significance:  State

Site:  Detroit Savings Bank Fort Street Office, Detroit, Wayne County
Presented by:  Bob Christensen
Moved for Approval: Evans
Seconded:  Radcliff
Vote:  7-0
Criteria:  C
Level of Significance:  Local

Historic District Study Committee Reports - Amy Arnold

Appeals/Annual Resolution - Scott Grammer
Grammer informed the Board that the City of Mackinac HD will be coming up in subsequent meetings. The hearing date is scheduled for March 18, 2014

Grammer requested the board to provide a resolution covering calendar year 2014 authorizing Harms as Board Chairperson to sign on behalf of the Board Final Decision and Order documents and to authorize Grammer to dismiss administrative appeals.

Signature Authority for the Chairperson
Moved for Approval: Knibbe
Seconded: Radcliff
Vote: 7-0

Counsel Signature Authority for dismissals
Moved for Approval:  Ligibel
Seconded:  Gyure
Vote:  7-0


Dates of Next Meeting 
May 9, 2014; September 19, 2014

Evans moved approval of the meeting dates
Gyure supported the motion
Vote: 7-0

Radcliff moved adjournment
Evans supported the motion
Vote 7-0
Meeting adjourned at 12:25 p. m.

Prepared by Bethany Berdes