Michigan State Historic Preservation Review Board Meeting Minutes, January 15, 2016


Minutes of the

State Historic Preservation Review Board Meeting


January 15, 2016, 10:00 A.M.

Boardroom, Fourth Floor, Michigan State Housing Development Authority

735 East Michigan Avenue, Lansing, Michigan


Board Members Present

Elisabeth Knibbe, Jennifer Radcliff, Misty Jackson, Rhonda Baker, Sally Bund, Kemba Braynon, Ted Ligibel

Board Members Absent

Dale Gyure, Ron Staley

Staff Members Present

Bob Christensen, Brian Conway, Bethany Berdes, Amy Arnold, Dean Anderson, Debra Ball Johnson, Stacy Tchorzynski, Laura Ashlee, Mollie Olinyk

Members of the Public Present

Curtis Cheeseman (Sacred Heart (Gros Cap) Church), Peter Copeland (Eric and Margaret Ann (Davis) Brown House), Kenneth Lingaur (Clare Downtown Historic District), Ken Hibl (Clare Downtown Historic District), Sherrie Lingaur (Clare Downtown Historic District), Rebecca Savage (WJBK-TV Studios Building), Elaine Robinson(CHG Inc.), Yasmin Ruiz, Edith Wacksman (Bay City Masonic Temple), Ruth Mills (Professional Plaza Tower), John Porzondek and James E. B. Serman (John Porzondek v. Saugatuck Historic District Commission), Katherine Besemer, Keith Birchler (Bay City Masonic Temple), Nancy Finegood (MHPN), Alexis Galinis, Richard Galinis, Kristine Kidorf (New Center Commercial Historic District), Kristen Koehlinger

Ligibel called the meeting to order at 10:00 a. m.

Approval of Agenda

Knibbe moved approval of agenda

Radcliff supported the motion

Vote: 5-0

Election of Temporary Vice-Chairperson (for this meeting only)

Nominating Committee conferred and nominated Radcliff as Vice-Chair. 

Bund moved election of Radcliff as vice-Chair.

Baker supported the motion

Vote 5-0

Approval of Minutes – September 11, 2015

Baker moved approval of the minutes as amended

Knibbe supported the motion

Vote: 5-0

Braynon arrived at 10:04am

Jackson arrived at 10:07am

Staff Reports

Brian Conway, State Historic Preservation Officer

  • Ligibel has students from Eastern Michigan University visiting the meeting.
  • The SHPO and MSHDA are now a part of the Department of Talent and Economic Development (TED) due to a reorganization. The Community Development (CD) section from MSHDA has been combined with Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) under TED.SHPO did not move with CD because it would take an executive order to make that happen.
  • SHPO will be moving into the MSHDA building by the end of September 2016.
  • The SHPO has received applications for Michigan Lighthouse Assistance Program (MLAP) for over $212,000.We usually award around $100,000.This funding comes from the lighthouse license plate.  The CLG program received 7 applications for a total $158,000.  We will award between $100,000 and $110,000.Michigan Heritage Restoration Program (MHRP) grants are underway.  The restoration of the street lights in Indian Village has been completed and the rest will close out during the summer of 2016.
  • Yann received cultural resources diversity internship which provides opportunities to minorities to get experience in historic preservation work.  We are partnering with the National Park Service (NPS) to have an intern over the summer in order to catalog artifacts from Fayette.
  • Arnold applied for an Underrepresented Community Grant through the National Park Service in order to do a Detroit African-American Music Resource Survey, Multiple Property Documentation Form, and NRHP Nominations.  The SHPO did not receive the grant but we have been encouraged to make changes and resubmit the application next year.
  • The Legacy Cities conference in conjunction with Wayne State University will be in Detroit in mid-September.  We are planning on partnering with the Homecoming event.
  • We are publishing an RFP for a National Register of Historic Places nomination for the historic commercial district of Charlotte.
  • The first of two books for Michigan Modern is underway.  As of this week we have a contract with a publisher and will be submitting a manuscript by Monday.
  • Conway will be going to Modernism Week in Palm Springs in February.
  • Docomomo (International Committee for Documentation and Conservation of Buildings, Sites and Neighborhoods of the Modern Movement) will hold their annual conference in Detroit in June.
  • Detroit was designated the first design city by UNESCO.
  • Two board members will be ending their terms.  They are Knibbe and Staley.  This governor has an unwritten policy that any member of any board should not serve more than two terms.

Dean Anderson, State Archaeologist

  • Archaeology Day
    Archaeology Day was held on October 10, 2015.  Over 600 people attended, and nearly 100 speakers, displayers, demonstrators, and volunteers participated.
  • Archaeology Poster
    Our poster this year celebrates urban archaeology, and specifically highlights archaeology in Detroit.
  • Midwest Meetings
    I attended the Midwest Archaeological Conference in Milwaukee at the beginning of November, and gave a paper on the ongoing search for the wreck of LaSalle’s vessel the Griffon.
  • Cultural Resources Fund grant – Sanilac
    Stacy Tchorzynski submitted a successful proposal for a Cultural Resources Fund grant.  The SHPO was awarded $10,000 in Phase I funds, which will be used for work at the Sanilac Petroglyphs site.
  • Cultural Resources Diversity Internship program
    Jessica Yann submitted a successful proposal to the Cultural Resources Diversity Internship program.  The program will provide us with an intern for 10 weeks this summer.  The intern will work with the archaeological collections.
  • Fayette Tourism Cares
    Robb McKay and I participated in a Tourism Cares project at Fayette.  These projects are designed to bring volunteers to a site for a day to accomplish tasks that are difficult for staff to find time to complete.
  • NAGPRA consultations – U of M
    I am participating in consultations with Tribal groups concerning collections held by the University of Michigan, but which came from state land and are under the control of the state.

PROPOSED governor’s awards CANDIDATES – Laura Ashlee

  • Mackinac State Historic Parks for the ongoing archaeological investigation of Fort Michilimackinac
  • City of Saint Joseph, Smay Trombley Architecture, Mihm Enterprises, the Lighthouse Forever Fund and the Citizens of St. Joseph for the rehabilitation of the Saint Joseph Lights, St. Joseph
  • Home Renewal Systems, Quinn Evans Architects and Wolverine Building Group for the rehabilitation of Fremont High School, Fremont
  • The Saginaw-Chippewa Indian Tribe; Central Michigan University Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work; and the City of Mount Pleasant for the Indian Boarding School archaeological investigations, Mount Pleasant
  • City of Dearborn, Artspace, Neumann Smith Architecture, the Monahan Company, and the East Dearborn Downtown Development Authority for the rehabilitation of Dearborn City Hall
  • Indian Village Historical Collections, City of Detroit, the Public Lighting Authority, DTE Energy, Offshore Spars, SS Stripping/CDS Performance Coatings, Corby Engineering Services, and Consulting Engineering Associates, Inc. for the Indian Village Historic Streetlight Rehabilitation Project

Moved for Approval: Radcliff
Seconded: Jackson
Knibbe and Braynon recused themselves.
Vote:  5-0

National Register Nominations

Site:  Clare Downtown Historic District, Clare, Clare County
Presented by:  Robert Christensen
Moved for Approval:  Radcliff
Seconded:  Knibbe
Vote:  6-0, Ligibel abstaining
Criteria:  A, B and C, exception A
Level of Significance: Local

There are letters of support from Joel Johnson, State Representative, Robert Knapp, Professor at UC Berkeley, and Mark Johnson from the Clare County Historical Society.

Site:  Sacred Heart (Gros Cap) Church, Moran Township (Gros Cap), Mackinac County
Presented by:  Robert Christensen
Moved for Approval:  Jackson
Seconded:  Braynon
Vote:  7-0
Criteria:  C
Level of Significance:  Local

Site:  Bay City Masonic Temple, Bay City, Bay County
Presented by:  Laura Ashlee
Moved for Approval: Knibbe
Seconded: Bund
Vote: 7-0
Criteria: A and C
Level of Significance: State

Site: Pontchartrain Club/Town House Apartments, Detroit, Wayne County
Presented by:  Rebecca Binno Savage
Moved for Approval:  Braynon
Seconded:  Radcliff
Vote:  7-0
Criteria: A and C
Level of Significance:  Local

Site: WJBK-TV Studios Building, Detroit, Wayne County
Presented by: Rebecca Binno Savage
Moved for Approval: Knibbe
Seconded: Baker
Vote: 7-0
Criteria: A and C
Level of Significance: Local

Site: New Center Commercial Historic District, Detroit, Wayne County
Presented by:  Kristine Kidorf
Moved for Approval:  Radcliff
Seconded:  Knibbe
Vote:  7-0
Criteria: A and C
Level of Significance:  Local

Site: Professional Plaza Tower, Detroit, Wayne County
Presented by:  Ruth Mills
Moved for Approval:  Bund
Seconded:  Baker
Vote:  5-0, Knibbe and Braynon recused themselves
Criterion: A
Level of Significance:  Local

Site: Eric and Margaret Ann (Davis) Brown House, Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County
Presented by: Peter Copeland
Moved for Approval: Jackson
Seconded: Knibbe
Vote: 7-0
Criteria: B and C
Level of Significance: State

Historic District Study Committee Reports – Amy Arnold

  • Apostolic Way Church of God/Assumption Greek Orthodox Historic District, Detroit The Board had no additional comments.
  • St. Clair Museum Historic District, St. Clair
    The Board had no additional comments.
  • Carl Licht House (26291 Pillsbury) Historic District, Farmington Hills
    The Board had no additional comments.
  • Warren Ives Historic District, Big Rapids
    The Board had no additional comments.
  • Bronson Historic District, Big Rapids
    The Board had no additional comments.
  • Harwood Heritage Historic District, Pittsfield Township, Washtenaw County
    The Board had no additional comments.
  • Delist 3645 Crooks Historic District, Troy
    The Board had no additional comments.
  • Modify 10234 East Shore (Train Barn) Historic District, Portage
    The Board had no additional comments.
  • Rochester Historic Districts – 31 individual property districts
    Board members felt strongly that Rochester should be looking at having one historic district rather than thirty one individual historic district properties. Conway suggested that Arnold could draft a letter to the City expressing the Board’s concerns for Ligibel’s signature.
    Knibbe moved for approval of SHPO preparing the letter for Ligibel to sign.
    Seconded:  Radcliff
    Vote:  7-0

Bund moved to accept Arnold’s comments regarding all of the Historic District Study Committee Reports.
Seconded:  Braynon
Vote:  7-0

The Review Board requested that the State Historic Preservation Office look into how we can educate local communities in regards to appropriate standards for districts and study committee reports.
Moved for Approval:  Baker
Seconded:  Jackson
Vote:  7-0

Appeals/Annual Resolution – Scott Grammer

Grammer introduced Kara Hart-Negrich.

John Porzondek v. Saugatuck Historic District Commission
Radcliff moved to approve the proposal  for decision.
Seconded: Knibbe
Vote: 7-0

Authorization for Housekeeping Matters

Signature Authority for the Chairperson:
Moved for Approval: Radcliff
Seconded: Baker
Vote: 7-0

Counsel Signature Authority for Dismissals:

Moved for Approval:  Radcliff
Seconded:  Baker
Vote:  7-0

Dates of Next Meeting

May 6, 2016, September 23, 2016, January 13, 2017
Moved for Approval:  Baker
Seconded:  Braynon
Vote:  7-0


Knibbe moved adjournment
Knibbe supported the motion
Vote: 7-0
Meeting adjourned at 12:56 pm

Prepared by Bethany Berdes