Michigan State Historic Preservation Review Board Meeting Minutes September 23, 2016



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State Historic Preservation Review Board Meeting

September 23, 2016, 10:00 A.M.
Boardroom, Fourth Floor, Michigan State Housing Development Authority
735 East Michigan Avenue, Lansing, Michigan

Board Members Present

Brian Rebain, Grace A. M. Smith, Jennifer Radcliff, Misty Jackson, Sally Bund, Kemba Braynon, Ted Ligibel

Board Members Absent

Rhonda Baker, Dale Gyure

Staff Members Present

Bob Christensen, Bethany Berdes, Laura Ashlee, Mollie Olinyk, Ashleigh Czapek, Diane Tuinstra, Todd Walsh, Debra Ball Johnson, Martha MacFarlane-Faes

Members of the Public Present

Sharon R. Ferraro (WMU), Tony Holewinski (WMU), Marsha and Tom Buehler (Omena), Ken Linguar (Omena), Linda and Joel Zilstra (Omena), Dan Ross (221 Mill Street), David Blane (601 Main Dowagiac), Pamela Johnson (SURC Marketplace), Erin Andrus (SURC Marketplace-Saginaw News), Amanda Reintjes (MHPN), Jan Van Der Kley (WMU), Nancy Finegood (MHPN), Xiaohan Bao (All), Greg Rosine (WMU), David Dakin (WMU), Heather Dekorte, Kristine Kidorf (35 Owen and Ford Plant) and Ted Nemitz (Brooklyn Ford Plant)

Ligibel called the meeting to order at 10:01 a. m.

Approval of Agenda

The agenda has been revised to have the Norman Shipwreck Site to the first National Register Nomination presentation.

No motion was made on the approval on the agenda.

Approval of Minutes – May 6, 2016

Radcliff moved approval of the minutes as amended
Bund supported the motion
Vote: 6-0

Approval of Minutes – August 23, 2016

Rebain moved approval of the minutes as amended
Bund supported the motion
Vote: 6-0

It was noted that Dave Dakin’s name was spelled incorrectly on the August 23, 2016 meeting minutes.  It has been corrected.

Smith arrived late.

Staff Reports

Martha MacFarlane-Faes

  • SHPO will be moved to the MSHDA building by early November 2016.
  • The GIS program which is called MiSHPO has been approved by the MSHDA Board and will begin this Fall.
  • The SHPO is trying a new approach to National Register Nominations by soliciting applications.  We are looking to list three smaller downtown commercial districts.  The deadline for these applications is October 14, 2016.  It is for new nominations and old nominations that need updating.
  • Quinn Evans and Ruth Mills have been contracted to do survey on apartments and bank buildings in Detroit.  This was a result of the Detroit survey.
  • Central Charlotte project is being funded by the SHPO.  Bill Rutter has been hired to work on that.
  • The Legacy Cities conference was last week and it focused on neighborhoods.  Olinyk and MacFarlane-Faes coordinated the conference in conjunction with Wayne State who was also a sponsor and the host.  Their were people from all over the Country.  The next Legacy Cities conference will be held in Buffalo, NY in 2018.
  • The Michigan Modern book has been provided to each board member.  Conway and Arnold went to NY to receive and award for this project and will be presenting to the AIA this evening.


  • Archaeology Day is October 1, 2016 10am until 4pm.  The event is free.  Last year we had 600 visitors and with presenters and other included it was 700 attendees.  People from all over the State attend.  There are activities for kids.  Mock excavation and make clay pots.

Ligibel had everyone in the room introduce themselves.

National Register Nominations

Site: Norman Shipwreck Site, Presque Isle Township, Presque Isle County
Presented by:  Dean Anderson
Moved for Approval:  Radclliff
Seconded:  Jackson
Vote:  7-0
Criteria: A, C and D
Level of Significance:  State

Great Lakes Bottom Lands which is State Lands.  If people want to do research they come to our office and we review their proposal and possible issue a permit.  The photographs are courtesy of the NOAA.

Jackson notes that there are not as many mussels as she has usually seen.  Anderson attributes that to the depth of the shipwreck.

Site:  Western State Normal School Historic District (Additional Documentation), Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co.
Presented by:  Gene Hopkins
Moved to Deny: Bund
Seconded: Radcliff
Vote:  7-0
Criteria: A and C
Level of Significance:  State

Sharon Ferraro read a letter from the City of Kalamazoo.

Amanda Reintjes from MHPN read a letter that was submitted to the Review Board prior to the May 6, 2016 meeting.

Tony Holewinski, prior Kalamazoo preservation Commissioner, read a letter which he wrote.

Christensen notes that he has received several letters and emails that generally oppose the new nominations and are in support of delisting the Historic District. They are from Rodger Parczak, Clifford Davidson, Nelson Breech Nave, Frank J. Lucatelli, and David S. Brose.

Site: Administration Building (Name Change from East Hall / Boundary Decrease / Additional Documentation), Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County
Presented by:  Gene Hopkins
Moved for Deny:  Jackson
Seconded:  Smith
Vote:  7-0
Criteria: A and C
Level of Significance:  State

Amanda said her comments addressed both nominations.

Sharon Ferraro commented the same.

The Board notes that there is nothing that says they cannot come back with a different nomination.

Ferraro notes that WMU had identified a qualified redeveloper in August of the same year they raised the buildings and decided to take the buildings down while the school was closed during the winter holiday break.

There was discussion about how to proceed on the request to delist the two current nominations.

Site: Saginaw News Building, Saginaw, Saginaw County
Presented by:  Robert Christensen
Moved for Approval:  Braynon
Seconded:  Smith
Vote:  7-0,
Criteria: A and C
Level of Significance:  Local

Rebain asked if it there is a sign and if it is still set up with the printers and everything.  Christensen notes that it does and the sign is in the back.

Radcliff asked who owns it and Christensen said the owner is Saginaw Valley Rehabilitation Center Industries, Inc.

There is some discussion about what the plans are for the interior.  The architect, Erin Andrus, for the project says that they will be retaining many of the features.  She has had several meetings with Robb McKay already.  They are also putting back some historic elements that have been removed.

Site: Criffield-Whiteley House, Dowagiac, Cass County
Presented by:  Robert Christensen
Moved for Approval:  Smith
Seconded:  Bund
Vote:  7-0
Criteria: B and C
Level of Significance:  Local

Andy Anderson is the current owner of the house and is here in support of the nomination.

Site: Omena Historic District, Leelanau Township, Leelanau County
Presented by:  Mollie Olinyk
Moved for Approval:  Rebain
Seconded:  Radcliff
Vote:  7-0
Criteria: A and B
Level of Significance:  Local

Christensen has received a resolution from the Leeleanua Township Board and letters from the Omena Historical Society, the Leeleanua Scenic Heritage Route Committee, Cherry Basket Neighbors, LLC, Marcia Buehler, Christine Byron and Thomas Wilson, who don’t live nearby and two others who live nearby but not in the district.

Marcia and Tom Buehler, from Omena, are attending the meeting in support.

Jackson notes that social history and religion because of the mission need to be added to the nomination.

Site: Saint Rita Apartments, Detroit, Wayne County
Presented by:  Kristine Kidorf
Moved for Approval:  Radcliff
Seconded:  Smith
Vote:  7-0
Criteria: A and C
Level of Significance:  Local

Site: Ford Motor Company Brooklyn Plant, Brooklyn, Jackson County
Presented by:  Kristine Kidorf
Moved for Approval:  Bund
Seconded:  Rebain
Vote:  7-0
Criteria: A
Level of Significance:  Local

The owner/developer was here in support of the nomination and gave a brief description on the plans for the site.

Site: Corunna High School, Corunna, Shiawassee County
Presented by: Heather DeKorte
Moved for Approval:  Radcliff
Seconded: Smith
Vote:  7-0
Criteria: A and C
Level of Significance:  Local

Historic District Study Committee Reports – Bob Christensen           

Modification of District #6 Schoolhouse, 8009 Cox’s Drive Southfield

The board is supportive of the staff’s comments.

Appeals/Annual Resolution – Kara Hart-Negrich

There are none.

Dates of Next Meeting

January 13, 2017


Radcliff moved adjournment
Smith supported the motion
Vote: 7-0

Meeting adjourned at 12:37 pm

Prepared by Bethany Berdes