Michigan State Historic Preservation Review Board Meeting Minutes, September 11, 2015


Minutes of The

State Historic Preservation Review Board Meeting

May 8, 10:00 A.M.
Fourth Floor Boardroom, Michigan State Housing Development Authority
735 East Michigan Avenue, Lansing, Michigan

Board Members Present

Elisabeth Knibbe, Dale Gyure, Jennifer Radcliff, Misty Jackson, Rhonda Baker, Ron Staley, Sally Bund, Kemba Braynon

Board Members Absent

Ted Ligibel

Staff Members Present

Bob Christensen, Brian Conway, Bethany Berdes, Chelsea Sturza, Amy Arnold, Dean Anderson, Debra Ball Johnson, Stacy Tchorzynski, Laura Ashlee, Jessica Yann

Members of the Public Present

Rebecca Binno Savage (Detroit News Complex), Katie Kolokithas (Hart Downtown Historic District), Bill Rutter (Centennial Block, Alpena), Garon Gopigian (James and Jean Douglas House), Margaret and Dan LeBlond (Elk Rapids First Methodist Episcopal Church), Nathan Nietering (Saugatuck Pump House), Ryan Schumaker (Detroit), Joe Borgstrom (MSHDA), Jon Shefferly (Friends of Detroit Rowing Club), Ingrid Pearson (Hart Downtown Historic District), Marge Peterson (Hart Downtown Historic District), Timothy Boscarino (All), Michele Hodges (Belle Isle Park Additional Documentation and Boundary Increase), Roberta Henrion (Belle Isle Park Additional Documentation and Boundary Increase), Janese Chapman (Belle Isle Park Additional Documentation and Boundary Increase).

Radcliff called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.

Approval of Agenda

Baker moved approval of agenda.
Gyure supported the motion.
Vote: 8-0

Introduction of New Review Board Members

Sally Bund and Kemba Braynon

Election of Vice-Chairperson

Ligibel and Radcliff will serve as nomination committee to recommend a candidate for the January 2016 meeting. Radcliff will need to leave early so we need a temporary vice-chairperson, Staley was asked to substitute for the vice-chairperson. He agreed.

Approval of Minutes

Staley moved approval of the minutes, as amended.
Baker supported the motion.
Vote: 8-0

Staff Reports

Brian Conway, SHPO

  • The SHPO is concluding three contracts for National Register nominations for Main Street community downtowns, which are Blissfield, Hart, and Grand Haven.
  • The survey of the Detroit branch banks and apartment buildings is underway.
  • Three NHL nominations have taken place this year.  They are the McGregor Memorial Conference Center, Lafayette Park, and the GM Tech Center.
  • The SHPO’s five year plan will be published electronically on our website in the next month or two.
  • The SHPO has completed a successful Michigan Modern tour for guests from the Palm Spring Modernism Week Committee.  It was funded by the committee and was a five day tour.
  • Conway and Arnold are finishing the manuscript to get to the publisher for the Michigan Modern book.  They are in the process of getting permissions for photos.
  • Conway is partnering with Jim Haefner for the second Michigan Modern book.  He is getting high quality photographs for the book from all over the State.  The first book will come out in 2016 and the second in 2017.
  • MacFarlane is working on the Legacy Cities Conference in Detroit for June of 2016.
  • Conway is working with DOCOMOMO on their conference in early May in Detroit.
  • MHPN will have their conference in Detroit in May as well.
  • The SHPO is working with Detroit on the new Programmatic Agreement.
  • The GIS database is still being worked on and we have sent out an RFP for the project and only received one response.  The RFP will be revised and put out again.
  • Cheboygan and Manitou Light finished up the work from their Michigan Lighthouse Assistance Program (MLAP) grant.

Dean Anderson, Archaeology

  • Dean Anderson, Stacy Tchorzynski and Jessica Yann collaborated with the Michigan Historical Center on an educational program called Dig Camp.  Two one-week sessions in June and July gave kids the opportunity to learn about – and experience – what archaeological research is like.
  • We conducted two archaeological investigations at the Fayette town site in the U.P.  We excavated test units at the base of the furnace stacks and along the south wall of the town hall building.  Both investigations were designed to determine whether archaeological deposits were present prior to ground-disturbing construction work at those locations.
  • Wayne Lusardi, underwater archaeologist with DNR, and Dean Anderson accompanied State Police divers to a shipwreck site in Lake Michigan that has been suggested to be the wreck of LaSalle’s vessel the Griffon.  The investigation by Lusardi and the State Police divers indicated that the dimensions of the wreck and other characteristics conclusively demonstrated that the wreck is not the Griffon.
  • Dean Anderson continued to engage in consultations with University of Michigan staff and several Indian tribes regarding collections subject to the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act that were recovered from state land.
  • In collaboration with the Saginaw Chippewa Indian tribe, Stacy Tchorzynski successfully applied for first round funding from the Cultural Resource Fund grant program.  The funds will be used for work at the Sanilac Petroglyphs site.  Applications for second and third round funds will also be submitted.
  • Jessica Yann received a Newberry Library Fellowship.  The Fellowship gave Jessica the opportunity to spend the month of August doing research for her dissertation at the Newberry Library in Chicago.
  • Stacy and Jessica conducted two programs on archaeology for visitors at the Walker Tavern site in Lenawee County.

National Register Nominations

Site:  Belle Isle Park Additional Documentation and Boundary Increase, Detroit, Wayne County
Presented by:  Robert Christensen
Moved for Approval:  Jackson
Seconded:  Gyure
Vote:  6-0
Criteria:  A and C; Consideration F
Level of Significance: National

Radcliff inquired on how closely the SHPO is working with DNR on reviewing work on Belle Isle and Christensen commented that Robb McKay is working closely with the DNR.

Site:  Elk Rapids First Methodist Episcopal Church, Elk Rapids, Antrim County
Presented by:  Robert Christensen
Moved for Approval: Knibbe
Seconded: Staley
Vote:  8-0
Criteria:  C
Level of Significance:  Local

Dan LaBlanc, President of the Elk Rapids Area Historical Society, spoke in support.

Site: Saugatuck Pump House, Saugatuck, Allegan County
Presented by:  Robert Christensen
Moved for Approval: Staley
Seconded:  Gyure
Vote:  8-0
Criteria: A and B
Level of Significance:  Local

Nathan Nietering, Director of the Saugatuck Douglas Historical Society spoke in support.

Site: Bewabic State Park, Crystal Falls Township, Iron County
Presented by:  Amy Arnold
Moved for Approval: Jackson
Seconded:  Baker
Vote:  8-0
Criteria: A, B and C
Level of Significance:  State

Jackson noted that it might be eligible under criterion D as well.

Site: Detroit News Complex, Detroit, Wayne County
Presented by:  Rebecca Binno Savage
Moved for Approval: Staley
Seconded:  Bund
Vote:  7-0, Radcliff abstained
Criteria: A and C
Level of Significance:  State

Site: Hart Downtown Historic District, Hart, Oceana County
Presented by:  Katie Kolokithas
Moved for Approval: Knibbe
Seconded:  Gyure
Vote:  8-0
Criteria: A and C
Level of Significance:  Local

Ingrid Pierson, Main Street Manager, and Marge Peterson liaison to the historical and genealogical society are here in support of the nomination.  Christensen noted there is a letter of support from State Representative Jon Bumstead.

(Radcliff had to leave the meeting at 11:39am.  Staley replaced Radcliff as substitute Vice-Chairperson).

(Knibbe had to leave the meeting as well at 11:39am).

Site Centennial Block, Alpena, Alpena County
Presented by:  William Rutter
Moved for Approval: Bund
Seconded:  Jackson
Vote:  6-0
Criteria: A and C
Level of Significance:  Local

Site James and Jean Douglas House, Friendship Township, Emmet County
Presented by:  Garon Gopigian
Moved for Approval: Jackson
Seconded:  Gyure
Vote:  6-0
Criteria: C with exception G
Level of Significance:  National

Historic District Study Committee Reports

Amy Arnold

  • Boundary Verifications for Market and Main and West End Historic Districts, Mackinac Island technical correction of boundaries.
  • Earl Young Buildings Historic District, Charlevoix
  • Baker’s Keyboard Lounge, Detroit

The board had no further comments.

Appeals and Annual Resolutions

Scott Grammer



Dates of Next Meeting(s)

January 15, 2016


Baker moved adjournment
Jackson supported the motion
Vote: 6-0

Meeting adjourned at 12:13 a. m.

Prepared by Bethany Berdes