Michigan Future Talent Council (MFTC)

  • Michigan Future Talent Council (MFTC)

    Pursuant to Executive Order 2018-13, the Michigan Future Talent Council (formerly known as the Governor’s Talent Investment Board) is the state workforce investment board required for this state under Section 101 of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014.

    Statute Executive Order 2018-13, Executive Order 2015-11

    The Michigan Future Talent Council (MFTC) is the principal private-sector policy advisor on building a strong workforce system aligned with state education policies and economic development goals. Created by Executive Order 2018-13, MFTC is a business majority led board of industry executives, legislators, labor officials, education leaders, local elected officials, state agency directors and other representatives consistent with the provisions of the WIOA Section 101(b). The MFTC provides a vital role in bringing citizen involvement, engagement, and oversight to the state's talent enhancement effort, and serves as a catalyst for talent enhancement and economic development entities. The MFTC recommends policies to the Governor and state departments that guide workforce investment and training at both the state and local levels.

    Meetings of the Michigan Future Talent Council are subject to the Open Meetings Act and as such are open to the public to attend.

MFTC Meeting Dates and Locations

  • February 11, 2019 - MEETING POSTPONED
  • May 13, 2019 - MEETING POSTPONED
  • September 9, 2019 - MEETING POSTPONED
  • November 18, 2019 - MEETING POSTPONED
    No new date has been set.


  • Support for Employee Assistance Program Resolution - Approved 02/20/18: PDF icon

    The Governor’s Talent Investment Board (GTIB) Support for Employee Assistance Programs Resolution, adopted on February 20, 2018, emphasizes the need for companies to consider in-house or third-party Employee Assistance Programs. These programs refer employees to social services for assistance with various personal issues. The result: rather than losing an employee, the company has a better chance to retain them.

  • Employability Skills Resolution - Approved 11/13/18: PDF icon

    The Governor’s Talent Investment Board (GTIB) Employability Skills Resolution, adopted on November 13, 2018, emphasizes the need for job seekers and workers to have core employability skills (soft skills).

  • From Unemployment to Reemployment Resolution - Approved 03/20/17: PDF icon

    The Governor’s Talent Investment Board (GTIB) From Unemployment to Reemployment Resolution, adopted on March 20, 2017, emphasizes the importance of getting unemployed workers back to work quickly, through immediate contact with Michigan Works! and other procedural improvements. Also, if a person remains unemployed after 6 weeks of benefits and job search, in-person coaching with Michigan Works! should be required.

  • K-14 Career Awareness and Readiness Resolution - Approved 09/19/16: PDF icon

    The Governor’s Talent Investment Board (GTIB) K-14 Career Awareness and Readiness  Resolution, adopted on September 19, 2016 has the full support from Governor Rick Snyder and the late State Superintendent of Education Brian Whiston, who passed away in May, 2018.  These two letters emphasize the importance of strong partnerships and collaboration needed to prepare Michigan’s future workforce - starting with our students.