Michigan Future Talent Council (MFTC)

The Michigan Future Talent Council (MFTC) is the principal private-sector policy advisor on building a strong workforce system aligned with state education policies and economic development goals. Created by Executive Order 2018-13, MFTC is a business majority led board of industry executives, legislators, labor officials, education leaders, local elected officials, state agency directors and other representatives consistent with the provisions of the WIOA Section 101(b). The MFTC provides a vital role in bringing citizen involvement, engagement, and oversight to the state's talent enhancement effort, and serves as a catalyst for talent enhancement and economic development entities. The MFTC recommends policies to the Governor and state departments that guide workforce investment and training at both the state and local levels.

The MFTC is charged with advising and assisting the Governor regarding compliance with the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014, Public Law 113-128, 29 USCS & 3101 et seq. The purpose of the MFTC is to convene State, regional, and local workforce system partners to:

  • Enhance the capacity and performance of the workforce development system and align and improve the outcomes and effectiveness of Federally-funded and other workforce programs and investments, and
  • Through these efforts, promote economic growth.
  • Engage workforce system representatives, including businesses, education providers, economic development, labor representatives, and other stakeholders to help the workforce development system achieve the purpose of the WIOA, and
  • Assist to achieve the State’s strategic and operational vision and goals as outlined in the State Plan.

The Council shall assist the Governor in:

  • The implementation of a Unified Statewide Talent Plan for the State of Michigan
  • Adoption of Industry and Sector partner strategies to meet demand
  • Implementation of a Statewide Career Pathway Strategy that addresses demand- current and future
  • Adoption of High Performing Board Criteria
  • Review and approval for the State One-Stop System
  • Advocating and promoting Michigan’s Talent System
  • Oversight of funding, reporting, and performance outcomes