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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Health Care Services Rules Prior to May 11, 2000

The State of Michigan Workers' Disability Compensation Health Care Services Rules (R418.101-R418.23.24) were originally filed with the Secretary of State on December 29, 1988. A judge's order delayed the effective date of these rules until September 2, 1989.

The Health Care Services Rules were updated on January 3, 1991, May 12, 1993, October 6, 1995, December 11, 1996 and May 26 1998. The rule numbers and the history lines for this rule set may be found on the Michigan Office of Administrative Hearings and Rules website. The rule language for these rescinded rules can be accessed in the Michigan Register publication cited in the history line for each rule.

The above rules remained in effect until May 10, 2000. Effective May 11, 2000, the entire above rule set was rescinded. The rules were then re-organized and given a new rule set number: R418.10101-R418.101504. Information from the previous rules was put into the re-numbered Health Care Services Rules. The Health Care Services Rules are now updated annually.