Proposed Changes to Michigan's Work Search Requirements

Letter from the Department of Labor (USDOL) 

Letter from the Secretary of Labor

The following changes are proposed to lower Michigan’s overpayment rate, specifically related to work search:

  1. Seek a statutory amendment to Section 28(6) work search requirements
  2. Update internal operating procedures and policy with the following:
    1. How to report work search
    2. Update the number of required work search activities per week
    3. Modernize the types of re-employment activities that count as a valid work search activity
  3. Update internal operating procedures related to the work search verification requirements
  4. Update forms and procedures related to the work search requirements as follows:
    1. Simplify the explanation of the work search requirements on all forms
    2. Change the name of the work search activity from “job contact” to something more descriptive of what we want the claimant to do, e.g., job search or look for work
    3. Reorganize how the work search requirement messaging is targeted to claimants in standard communications
  5. Update messaging online and on the telephone system regarding the work search requirements