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Labor and Economic Opportunity

What does "open non-monetary issue" mean?

Typically, a non-monetary issue means that the claimant certification was accepted but is not yet payable because there’s an issue that needs to be reviewed first. When there is an issue, a situation, or condition that affects the claimant’s benefits rights, the UIA must investigate. This is called a non-monetary issue.

For those claims with open non-monetary issues, it generally takes about two weeks from the time the issue is detected to determine whether a claimant qualifies for benefits. Because of the high volume of claims as a result of COVID-19, it could take longer. Keep in mind that this is average and that each case has its own specific set of circumstances.

Once the review or investigation concerning your eligibility for benefits is complete, you will be notified in your MiWAM account.

Continue to certify bi-weekly while you wait for our team to review the issues with you claim.