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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Accelerate your future and enroll in an associate or bachelor?s degree program

Earn an associate or bachelor's degree

  • If you’ve always wondered what if, now might be the time to enroll in an associate or bachelor’s degree program. Whether you’re a first time student or you’re returning to finish something you started, connect with an institution near you and consider what’s next.

It's never too late. Start now.

    1. Apply to college. Each college and university in Michigan has slightly different application requirements. You’ll want to visit your institution’s website and find the admissions page to learn more.
    2. Apply for financial aid. You may be eligible for financial aid from the federal government. Apply now.

Explore Online Community College

  • The Michigan Community College Association teamed up with the 28 Michigan community colleges to launch the Michigan Colleges Online website, providing a consolidated listing of online courses and a single site to get started the enrollment process for students.

College Grad Facts

  • Not sure if a degree is right for you? Did you know residents with a college degree are more likely to: