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Labor and Economic Opportunity

U.S. Representative Andy Levin Supports Mentoring

Andy Levin

U.S. Representative Andy Levin comes from a long line of public servants and he believes in giving back to his community. He has been active in social justice issues throughout his life and is a strong proponent of mentoring. Recently he was asked what he learned from his mentors – he stated, “vulnerability.”

“When mentors admit to their own vulnerability to mentees, it can be transformational. To young people, mentors may seem invincible, even superhuman,” Levin said. “When mentors share their own rocky path, their own stumbles, and especially their own fears in the present a light goes on for mentees: It’s OK to try and fail. I can rise to great heights even if I have doubts about myself. What is more, showing a vulnerable side can create and deepen communication and authentic relationships with mentees by making mentors much more approachable.”

We thank Rep. Levin for his continued support of mentoring and desire to help youth succeed.