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How Mentor Michigan Will Achieve Its Mission?

Mission Statement
  1. Recruit talented and committed mentors and connects them with effective programs that serve youth
  2. Create and engage a comprehensive statewide network of mentoring programs
  3. Develop and enhance mentoring partnerships with businesses, faith-based and nonprofit organizations, education institutions, and government (including activities such as Mentor Michigan Sunday)
  4. Advocate for issues and standards that promote and support high-quality mentoring in Michigan
  5. Recognize the accomplishments of mentors and the organizations that support them
  6. Identify and secure resources to support the development and sustainability of mentoring programs
  7. Develop champions to promote and support mentoring throughout the state
  8. Increase public awareness about mentoring opportunities, needs, and the positive outcomes associated with it
  9. Provide training and support for mentoring programs
  10. Collect, track, and share information about mentoring activities in Michigan