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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Electronic Filing (FTS)

The Michigan Workers’ Disability Compensation Appeals Commission (WDCAC) has begun accepting filings via upload through the Michigan File Transfer Service (FTS), a secure electronic file transfer portal. 

We will accept any filing in this manner, including claims for review, transcripts, cross-appeals, motions (and responses), briefs (and responses), and general correspondence. However, our current administrative rules require that any electronic filings be “followed by the original document.” R 792.11315(2) [Rule 1315(2)]. We are in the process of seeking an amendment to the rules that would eliminate this requirement, but cannot say with certainty how long that process might take. In the interim, anyone filing electronically must still make arrangements to provide the “original document” by mail or other means of delivery to our office.

Uploaded documents will only be accepted from attorneys/firms approved to practice in Michigan. All other filers, including claimants unrepresented by counsel, may continue to file by facsimile, mail, or professional delivery service. In-person deliveries are subject to building rules and may not be possible at this time. Attorneys may also continue to submit filings by complying with currently existing rules applicable to the WDCAC, if that is their preference.

If you are interested in participating, please complete the application, form WC-480, and email it to Once the form is received and approved, you will receive user instructions and your User ID and password. Please note that you must specifically check the “WC Appeals” box on the application in order to access our mailbox, designated as “WCMIWDCAC.” If you previously applied for an FTS account but did not check that box, you must file a new application to update your access.

Upon completion of any FTS transmission, no confirmation will be sent.  You will be contacted only if there is an issue with the submission.  Your FTS home screen for your account will indicate when a document was received and downloaded by the WDCAC.

Additional FTS information is available.

Authorized users that have a User ID and password can access the FTS Portal.