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Labor and Economic Opportunity

MCSC's Mission and Vision


The Michigan Community Service Commission (MCSC) utilizes service as a strategy to address the state’s most pressing issues and empowers volunteers to strengthen communities.

The MCSC achieves its mission by: 

  • Securing and granting funds 
  • Selecting and training high-quality grantees 
  • Overseeing and monitoring grantee results 
  • Recognizing the success and effectiveness of volunteer programs and activities 
  • Developing and sharing resources 
  • Conducting research and evaluation 
  • Creating networks among volunteer organizations 
  • Sharing the results of our investments 
  • Serving as a bridge between the public and nonprofit sectors 

Since its founding in 1991, the MCSC has granted more than $100 million in public and private funds to community organizations enabling them to engage millions of Michigan citizens in volunteer service. This support has leveraged more than $85 million in local resources to further support these community volunteer initiatives.

Volunteerism doesn't just happen. Most social service and nonprofit organizations rely heavily on volunteers as a valuable human resource; that resource must be stewarded carefully and supported continuously. Volunteer recruitment, management, training, placement, and recognition require resources and attention. With continued public and private support, along with the necessary training, resources, and coordination needed to help people serve, volunteerism can become a way of life for all Michigan citizens.

It is our vision that all Michigan residents, beginning at an early age and continuing for a lifetime, meet community needs and find personal fulfillment through service-learning and volunteering.  Michigan is an ideal place to live and is recognized nationally because its citizens believe so strongly in the value of service as a way of life.