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Michigan Community Service Commission offering MLK Day volunteer project support

The Michigan Community Service Commission is providing volunteer project support to Michigan organizations as part of the Martin Luther King Jr. National Day of Service 2020. 

All proposed events or activities must occur on or around Martin Luther King, Jr. Day beginning Friday January 17, 2020 through Friday January 24, 2020. Preference will be given to events that occur sometime during Friday, January 17th through Monday, January 20th.

Awards valued at up to $1,000 are available from partners Michigan Nonprofit Association and Youth Service America and will be distributed based on the following scale:

$1,000- Engage 300 or more youth volunteers
$750- Engage 100 or more youth volunteers
$500- Engage 50 or more volunteers
$250- Engage at least 25 volunteers
$100- Engage at least 10 volunteers

All partners must provide $1 for $1 cash or in-kind match support. 

Funds must be used to support elements of a service project. 

Projects engaging youth volunteers will be give special preference. Projects focusing on financial literacy will also be given preference.  

The MCSC is particularly interested in partnering with projects that engage State of Michigan employees, middle and high school youth, and/or address financial literacy with economically disadvantaged individuals.

Access the application on Survey Monkey


Nonprofits, national service grantees, volunteer centers, K-12 and higher education institutions are eligible to apply. All applications will be considered.  It is recommended that if potential applicants do not satisfy the criteria to apply that they collaborate with one of the aforementioned parties to apply.

Application Deadline: Monday December 6, 2019

Notification of Award - All applicants will be notified electronically on or before December 13, 2019

The following sample resources have been created for your information as you plan your project:

MLK Day Sample Application

MLK Day Sample Budget Form

We look forward to partnering with projects across Michigan. 

Questions contact: Kristina Coby-Volunteer and Community Engagement Director at (517) 582-2480 or