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Labor and Economic Opportunity

MCSC Offering Grants for MLK Day Volunteer Projects

To honor the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. the Michigan Community Service Commission (MCSC) is offering MLK Day service grants to support volunteer projects that address community needs in response to the pandemic, food insecurity, Afghan evacuee resettlement, water quality, flooding in southeast Michigan and projects around climate change. These issues have challenged Michigan's residents to meet ongoing and emerging needs and the MCSC believes that volunteer involvement is key to overcoming and building thriving communities.

Organizations are encouraged to create a project to address community challenges by mobilizing volunteers and implementing projects that benefit communities. 

The grant application can be accessed here:

The MCSC also recognizes for many an opportunity to serve others currently is more comfortable at home.  With that in mind, we are offering a remote service project for individuals and organizations to participate in by sewing masks that can be donated within one's community or shared with others through the organization.  This opportunity is not a financial grant and all who wish to help are welcome.  Supplies are mailed directly to the organization or individual. 

The request for masks to be sent can be accessed here:

Steps to take in designing your project:

Create Project Plan
Develop a plan to address a community need. The MCSC has compiled a sample list of project ideas.


Safety guidelines need to be followed to ensure all involved in the project are safe. Those who encounter others must be wearing a mask and follow all Center for Disease Control and State of Michigan safety guidelines. Ideally projects will include youth a volunteers (up to age of 25) involved in implementing the project.  

Design Project Budget

Develop a list of all supplies needed and the costs. Awarded funds are reimbursed upon satisfactorily reporting of expenses. Organizations awarded funds will need to register as a vendor of the state to receive payment. The link to register as a vendor will be sent with the award letter. Funds must be used to support elements of implementing a service project.

Grant Award and Implementation

Completed grant applications should be received by December 17, 2021. The MCSC will offer a more competitive second round of grants which should be submitted by January 7, 2022.  Projects should be held between January 7, 2022, and January 23, 2022. Grant awards will be in the range of $100 to $1,000 based on number of volunteers engaged with no matching requirements. However, partnering with local businesses and other sponsorships for your MLK project is recommended. Reviewers will evaluate applications based on community need and design, use of partnerships, number of volunteers engaged, equitable geographic representation and adherence to COVID-19 safety guidelines. Funds requested should be commensurate with the number of volunteers engaged. Additional consideration will be made for projects with youth involvement (up to age 25).