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Michigan's AmeriCorps Site Supervisor of the Month

MI AmeriCorps Site Supervisor of the Month - May 2021: Linda Robinson, Michigan Education Corps

Each day, Linda Robinson supports students at Endeavor Elementary in Kentwood, Michigan. As a para-pro, she leads reading interventions with elementary-age students, acts as a support system for students when they are struggling and helps students who need behavior improvement strategies and supports. Additionally, Linda serves as a site supervisor and internal coach for the Michigan Education Corps Reading Corps and Math Corps members. This program places AmeriCorps members in schools to provide individualized reading and math intervention to help struggling students catch up to their peers.

Although Linda is extremely busy with her workload, she always makes time to support the AmeriCorps members that serve at Endeavor Elementary. At the beginning of the school year, she makes the effort to help acclimate the members into a very tight-knit school with teachers and staff that have known each other for years. Linda goes above and beyond to make her members feel not only welcome, but also an integral part of the school by joining them at lunch, inviting them to staff events, and greeting them with a smile and friendly conversation each day.

Linda goes out of her way to create a comfortable and inspiring service site for AmeriCorps members by making herself available whenever needed for questions or help, creating a space where members feel safe and confident to be their best, and giving continuous constructive feedback as well as thoughtful praise. She embodies AmeriCorps values each day through her willingness to help, her ability to reach common ground with everyone she encounters, and her dedication to 'getting things done.'

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