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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Training and Technical Assistance for Michigan's AmeriCorps Programs

Contact: Megan Sargent (517) 241-3494

The MCSC is committed to helping build the skills, knowledge, and capacity of individuals and the organizations they serve by providing effective training and technical assistance. Annually, the MCSC develops a training and technical assistance plan to meet the needs of national service and volunteer programs. The plan is broad and covers various strategies including conducting needs assessments, developing and maintaining resources, providing specific training to grantees and other volunteer programs, connecting the broad spectrum of programs that are engaged in volunteerism and national service, and enhancing partnerships and collaboration among members of the national service field.


Grantee Meetings/Training
The MCSC regularly convenes its grantees to provide opportunities for program development, peer networking, and training. In addition, program specific webinars and/or conference calls may be scheduled throughout the year as needed.


Tailored Direct Technical Assistance
The MCSC provides direct technical assistance to its grantees. Once specific needs have been established, MCSC staff and consultants work to improve the issue(s) that is challenging the program.


Resources and Information Sharing
The MCSC maintains information on local, state, and national training and technical assistance resources for national service and volunteer programs. Resources include information on effective program management, high quality national service programs, strategic planning, grant writing, fund development, team building, developing effective partnerships, communication, supervision of National Service participants, disability awareness, reporting, and evaluation. 


For more information on training and technical assistance opportunities email Megan Foresman, AmeriCorps Program Officer at