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Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness AmeriCorps Program

Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness AmeriCorps Program

The Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness AmeriCorps Program is a statewide program serving individuals experiencing or at-risk of homelessness. AmeriCorps members are placed at housing and homeless service agencies where they serve in one of three positions: Housing Search and Information Specialist, Outreach Specialist, and Resource Generation and Management Specialist. The focus of the program is to provide direct, targeted services to those in need to assist them with obtaining and maintaining safe, affordable housing and to increase self-sufficiency in the areas of income, life skills, and employment.  

Kelli Beavers, Program Director

Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness

15851 S. Old US 27, Building 30, Suite 315

Lansing, MI  48906

Phone: 517-853-3897