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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Youth Volunteer of the Year - Addy Battel and Pearl Daskam

Abby Battel & Pearl Daskam

Addy Battel and Pearl Daskam identified a need in their community and utilized service to combat the issue of hunger in Cass City. Through astounding efforts, these 16-year-old girls utilized their farm roots to raise livestock and poultry for food donations and created the project Meating the Need for Our Village. The girls recruited additional youth to volunteer and taught workshops to develop an awareness of the issue of hunger and encourage support for their program. They also sought to establish partnerships with food pantries and reached out to donors for help with raising funds. Through hard work and inspiring dedication, this program raised $54,000 for the Cass City community, and provided 10,000 pounds of meat and 1,500 gallons of milk to food pantries. Between the two of them, these youth have accumulated an impressive total of 1,812 service hours. They’re currently planning the Cass City Hunger Summit, where they are incorporating as a nonprofit and pushing for even more community support to ensure their organization is sustainable. Both girls have traveled across the country sharing their powerful story and advocating for food security. Their continued efforts have created a broader opportunity for dialogue about hunger in the greater Thumb area of Michigan and beyond.