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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Corporate Community Leader - DoubleTree by Hilton

DoubleTree volunteers

DoubleTree by Hilton volunteers take enormous pride in servicing their community of Port Huron. Team members spend a substantial amount of time performing blight elimination with monthly cleanups, trash removal and has even adopted a three-mile stretch of the highway to ensure a clean area. They continuously host events at the East Shore Leadership Academy, where they kick off a recycling competition to encourage students to be conscious of product usage. They consistently collect more than 245 pounds of recyclable goods each event. Additionally, they participated in the Hospitality Specialty’s Inc. Cares Month, where they donated 2,000 personal care packages for children in the Dominican Republic and created 150 toiletry packages for active military soldiers who are overseas. They were recognized with multiple "Spirit of Care” awards, from Hilton Worldwide, for the impact they are making in the community and the team continues to make a difference in variety of ways.