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Q.  How do I contact the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Commission (UIAC)?
A.  Mailing Address:
            P.O. Box 30475
            Lansing, MI 48909-7975
      Phone: 800-738-6372 or 517-284-9300
      Fax: 517-241-7326
      Business Hours: 8 a.m - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday


Q.  How do I file an appeal with the UIAC?
A.  The appeal must be received directly at the UIAC by the appealing party within the 30-day expiration period shown on the ALJ’s decision/order. Currently, acceptable methods of receipt are U.S. mail, facsimile, e-filing or email. We are unable to accept any filings by hand delivery due to COVID-19. Be sure to reference the ALJ docket number and/or claimant’s social security number. UIAC Appeal Form.


Q.  Does the UIAC accept filings by email?
A.  Yes. The UIAC currently accepts rehearing/reopenings requests, written/oral argument and additional evidence requests and correspondence by email. For new appeals, please go to the Appeal Box located on the homepage, select it, fill out the form and press submit. Documents may also be faxed or mailed.


Q. Where are the UIAC rules? **Pursuant to Executive Order No. 2019-13 effective August 11, 2019, the Michigan Compensation Appellate Commission (MCAC) was replaced by the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Commission. Any reference to MCAC in the rules applies to the UIAC. 
A.  UIAC Rules Part 14, Subpart C, pages 134-140.


Q.  How long does it take for my case to be reviewed by the UIAC?
A.  No time frame can be given for a case to be reviewed by the UIAC because if depends on the details of the case and the UIAC wants to make sure each case is thoroughly reviewed. It is to the UIAC’s advantage to decide cases as quickly as possible to meet federal timeliness standards.


Q.  When is my UIAC hearing?
A.  The UIAC does not typically hold hearings. They will review the documents used by the ALJ and review the hearing(s) transcript or recording of hearing(s) held with the ALJ. If a hearing is to be held, written notice will be issued to the parties.


Q.  Where do I request transcripts?
A.  Theresa’s Transcription Services
      P.O. Box 21067
      Lansing, MI 48909-1067
      Phone Number: 517-882-0060


Q.  How does a party request oral or written argument?
A.  Statute requirements related to oral/written argument/additional evidence requests can be found at UIAC Rules Part 14, Subpart C, Rules 792.11420-11423, page 134-136. If oral argument is granted, all parties will be notified in writing when and where the hearing will take place. If the UIAC feels an oral hearing is not necessary, parties should wait for a decision/order from the UIAC.


Q.  How do I request a transfer of proceeding (stay) before an ALJ?
A.  Requests for transfer of proceedings must be received in writing either by fax or email at the UIAC. The request must reference the names of the claimant and the employer and include the docket number(s) for each hearing that the transfer of proceeding is requested. A follow-up phone call will be made to notify the parties whether the stay has been granted or denied. The UIAC will then issue an order. If the stay was granted, a new notice of hearing will be mailed. UIAC Rules Part 14, Subpart C, Rule 792.11425 page 137

Q.  Is there a limit to the number of applications for transfer of proceedings that can be requested?
A.  Yes. Currently Rule 792.11425 allows 2 regular applications per party per transfer.


Q.  How do I file in Circuit Court?
A.  A party should contact the circuit court in the county they reside or in the county the employer’s business is located. Contact the appropriate county circuit court for filing requirements. MCL 421.38. If a party appeals to the circuit court a claim of appeal should be hand delivered, mailed or faxed to the UIAC after filing with the circuit court so that a certified record can be forwarded to the court.

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