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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Impact Cases

UIA v Great Oaks __Mich__ (June 7, 2021) Docket 160638: Section 13m, new tax rate & client rate of Prof. Employer Org.

UIAC Docket No. 262722W (June 18, 2021): Section 28(1)(b) Identification documents & eligibility start date

UIAC Docket No. 262906W (July 28, 2021): Section 48(2) "Families First Coronavirus Response Act" payments are remuneration

UIAC Docket No. 263576W (July 29, 2021): Section 29(1)(m) Drug test results, admissibility, hearsay

UIA v Lucente __Mich__ (July 30, 2021) Docket 160843: Sections 32a, 32(f) & 62, fraud, determinations and redeterminations

UIAC Docket No. 263621 (August 13, 2021): Section 27(k) Services performed by alien