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MIOSHA Safety & Health Toolbox

Contact: Consultation Education and Training at 517-284-7720


. . . to the MIOSHA "Toolbox." This toolbox contains ideas, activities, and materials that focus on the major components of a safety and health system. We encourage you to help in achieving this mission by using the ideas and suggestions in this toolbox. Michigan's best companies have learned that safety and health is not a cost of business, but adds value to the business, workplace, and lives of working men and women.

This toolbox contains modules with ideas and suggestions for promoting the following major areas:

This toolbox strives to:

- Enhance your safety and health management system.
- Empower employees to take responsibility for their own safety and health and that of their co-workers.
- Assure management provides the active leadership and commitment to make it happen.

The mission of Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) is to help assure the safety and health of Michigan workers.

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